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Do you want potential homebuyers to think your home's interior is charming and well maintained? Then pay close attention to the condition of your home's exterior, which will clue buyers in on your home's overall look.

To increase your home's curb appeal on a budget, there are two things you've got to know: which projects are worth pursuing, and how you can complete these projects without spending a small fortune.

While experts agree that it's difficult to assign a monetary value to different exterior projects, below is a list of some curb appeal projects you definitely don't want to skip.

Bonus tip: Complete these projects sooner rather than later, so that you and your family get to enjoy them, too!

Curb Appeal Project #1: Make a Clean Sweep of Your Exterior

Start out by cleaning up any trash, debris or weeds. Clean your windows, both inside and outside. Consider renting a power washer to clean off any algae or other dirt from your home's exterior.

You'll need to declutter your outdoor spaces as well. Take down most of your lawn ornaments (you can store them in the garage for now). Select just a few items to keep on your lawn and front porch.

Make a note of anything on your front lawn, your garage or the exterior of your home that is noticeably broken. Perhaps your mailbox is crooked, a window on the garage door is cracked or one of your shutters needs a paint touchup. These are the first things to tackle, as they stick out in a negative way.

Curb Appeal Project #2: Spruce Up Your Home’s Welcome Area

The front door is a home's focal point. Is yours looking worse for wear? Give it a good scrub, wash any glass and determine whether or not you need a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. Could you use a new welcome mat to add charm to the front of your home?

You'll also want your home to be easily recognizable. Get on-trend by displaying your house number with metal numerals. It's an easy way to add some shine to the front of your home.

A bistro table set could add a cozy feel to your front porch. If you already have chairs, consider cleaning or replacing the cushions.

Curb Appeal Project #3: Make Your Home Stand Out

Brighter colors will draw people into your home, which is critical for open houses and tours. Flowers are a fun and easy way to add color and liveliness to your home. Try adding mulch in a color that contrasts with your home's exterior. Mulch comes in a variety of colors, from traditional brown to vibrant red. Or think about adding a fresh coat of white paint around window frames and shutters to make them pop.

Spending some money and sweat to make the exterior of your home look well maintained will help future buyers envision a delightful interior. Getting that extra foot traffic could play a critical part in selling your home. With these tips, you can make it happen on any budget.

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