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When you donate your clothes, you earn a triple win — you're helping others, decluttering your closets, and claiming a tax deduction.

It's so beneficial, you may even decide to make donating clothes an annual ritual. Whether you're knee-deep in spring cleaning, looking to help out an area affected by a natural disaster, or simply running out of closet space, donating your clothes is an easy way to help yourself and others.

To Keep or Purge

Clothes that don't fit anymore, are out of fashion, or haven't been worn in years are great donation candidates. Children's clothes that you won't be able to pass down to relatives are great items as well.

Some clothes may be too hard to give away — especially if you have a strong emotional connection to them, like a prom dress or your baby's first onesie. However, if your pile of sentimental clothing is stacking up, consider recruiting a friend or family member who can be objective and help you bid adieu to unworn items.

Where to Donate

There's no shortage of options for donating your threads. You can always ask around to see who could benefit from them. Schools in your area may also have programs that collect clothing for students in need.

In addition, you can donate clothes to a charity that will use them in a way you support. Some will sell your donated clothes in a store to raise money for their mission. Others will give them directly to recipients they support such as those in homeless shelters and low-income job seekers in need of professional attire for interviews.

Some charities will even make the process hassle-free by offering to pick the clothes up from your home. No matter which charity you consider, remember that it's always a good idea to do your research before you make a donation.

Additional Considerations

You may think that you can't donate clothes that are stained, have become moth food, or are otherwise undesirable. While many charities will only take items in good condition, there are others that want your damaged pieces because they can give your clothes a new life through textile recycling. It's worth doing some quick research to find such charities before you banish anything to a landfill.

Likewise, always check your pockets before you give away clothing. You may find treasures you don't want to donate, at least not yet.

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