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It’s a few weeks into the new year and the champagne flutes have been put away, the twinkly lights have been taken down, and you’re feeling emptier than your guest bedroom. Welcome to the post-holiday blues.

After the anticipation, excitement and stress of the holiday season, it’s normal to feel a sense of loss. But all we’ve really “lost” is the stimulation that comes from changing our daily routines and spending time with those we love. Capture the magic of your favorite season year-round with these simple tips.

#1: Rethink Your Routine

Holidays are special because they don’t happen every day (unlike the work week grind). If you’re dreading going back to the office or school, write down your typical morning routine. Instead of doing the same thing every day, add one new activity to spice things up.

Pro-tip: New breakfast recipes, coffee brewing techniques or daily journaling are great places to start.

#2: Pick Up an Old Hobby

The holidays are often an overload of joy, so once January hits, we can feel deflated. What is something that used to bring you joy as a kid? Use this winter season to revisit an old hobby or interest that you’ve neglected along the way.

Pro-tip: YouTube has FREE tutorials for almost any hobby that you can think of. Crochet? Playing the ukulele? Calligraphy? Get online to get back to that old passion of yours.

#3: Get Moving

We all know that exercise boosts the happy hormones in our brain. Make a New Year’s resolution to move every day with a new hiking spot or online yoga sequence. Even a little bit of exercise can send the blues on their way.

Pro-tip: You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership to get moving. Put on some groovy tunes or take your furry friends out for an afternoon adventure.

#4: Give Back to Get More

The holidays are all about the gift of giving. Don’t wait until next year to give back – volunteer your time with local soup kitchens, after-school programs or community centers. Checking your problems at the door and helping someone else with theirs is a sure way to boost your sense of purpose and confidence.

Pro-tip: Volunteering is proven to counteract feelings of stress and anxiety. Giving to others is literally good for you!

#5: Reconnect with Friends

Especially after the isolation of the pandemic, it feels good to spend time with loved ones. Invite friends over for a game night, a potluck or even a cocktail competition – socializing shouldn’t end with the holiday season.

Pro-tip: A “soup swap” is a fun way to stay cozy with friends in the cold winter months. Bring your favorite soup to share and leave with a full heart and full Tupperware® for the week ahead!

Kick the post-holiday blues by committing to fill 2022 with “new” things: new routines, new activities and new memories with old friends. And whenever you’re ready, your friends at KeyBank are here to help with your new financial goals, too.

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