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Post holiday sales are as predictable as holidays themselves, and really "sales" is a weak word to use here. Retailers actually offer amazing clearances in the post-rush of the holidays. This means the same merchandise that several days prior to the holiday had been majorly out of budget for you suddenly becomes completely accessible, especially if you have gift cards leftover from the holidays to use instead of your own cash.

So how can you take advantage of these post holiday sales to save money for next year and bring down your bill for the next 11 months as well?

1. Pre-Purchase Gifts

You know that over the next year there will be several gift-giving occasions you'll need to prepare for. These can include kids' birthdays, spouse birthdays, parent birthdays, baby showers and weddings. Post holiday sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on gifts that will still be à la mode several months later.

A good thing to do is to designate one cupboard or area in your home as a storage space for gifts to give to others. Then as you peruse the clearance racks, you can store them away without spoiling the surprise or forgetting you had purchased them.

2. Deck Out Your Home Next Year at a Fraction of the Cost

It's no secret that holiday decorations are the most discounted items right after the holiday. So if you have been suffering from neighbor envy, but don't want to spend the money to deck your own home in the style of Whoville, then post holiday sales are your answer.

One thing to consider is that you want to wait at least a week after the holiday to start purchasing. This is because, as each day passes, the discounts can get higher and higher until eventually the store moves everything into storage. Typically, discounts on decorations will start at 50 percent and go up from there.

3. Stock Up on Candy for Upcoming Holidays

Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween are holidays where candy is commonly given out. Load up on clearance candy with red, silver, gold or other holiday-neutral colors that can be used later in the year. Take note of the expiration date. You don't want to purchase next year's Halloween candy with an expiration date of July.

4. Revamp Your Gift Wrapping Process

After the holidays can be the best time to resupply your gift wrapping needs for other occasions. Look for neutral colors for bags, tissue paper, bows, wrapping paper and more. Also, if you've had your eye on a new gift wrapping gadget (like the tape-dispenser wristband), now's the time to get one at a discount. Another great tip is to buy clearance Christmas wrapping paper to use for next year, or even turn it inside out to use anytime! Brown paper Christmas wrapping is perfect for multiple uses.

5. Look for Everyday Products Packaged With Holiday Themes

Lots of everyday products that you would use in any month of the year get special holiday packaging. Then when the holidays are over, stores need to unload them fast. You can score great deals on hand soaps, dish washing liquid and holiday-blends of coffee.

Shopping the clearance racks are an excellent way to source products and gifts for not only the next holiday season, but also for purchase occasions throughout the year.

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