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If you feel pressured to spend more money than your budget allows, seasonal retail jobs could be a great solution. A festive way to earn a little extra money, it could be the perfect solution to alleviate some of that pressure brought on by the end-of-the-year holidays. Here's why you might want to consider this as an option:

The Benefits of a Side Hustle

Side hustles, or part-time gigs you pick up on the side of your full-time day job, are an excellent way to help you meet your financial goals no matter what time of year it is.

Most of us can only save so much money. And no matter how frugal we get or how many costs we cut, we all have necessary bills and living expenses like rent, food, utilities, transportation and more.

But the ability to earn more money is theoretically unlimited. Instead of putting all of your energy into clipping coupons or pinching pennies — or, as is often the case this time of year, waiting outside for hours in frigid temperatures for a shot at purchasing deeply discounted gifts in an effort to save money — you can increase your earnings with seasonal retail jobs instead.

Consider Working at the Store You Shop at the Most

The obvious benefit of a seasonal job is the fact that you can earn extra money, making it possible to handle the extra expenses that come with the holidays (without busting your budget, or worse, going into debt).

But working at the retail store you regularly shop at for gifts can also reduce those holiday expenses. Look for positions that offer an employee benefit so you can score a discount on the seasonal items you want to buy.

Consider where you spend the most during the holidays. Is it the local grocery store, because you host a lot of dinners or parties for family and friends? Apply for a part-time position there. Do you have a particular big-box store that's a go-to for all things holiday? Send in your application. Or if you have a favorite boutique shop, head in and talk to a manager about helping out for a few months.

What to Think About Before Picking up Extra Work

Financial pressures are just one source of holiday stress. Another leading cause? Lack of time.

If you already feel like you need four extra hours each day to get everything done this time of year, picking up a part-time job might not be the ideal solution and will likely only add to your stress.

Taking on more work to earn more money is a great solution for some folks, but not for everyone. Don't exhaust yourself chasing money this holiday season. Instead, think about how you can cut down on consumption and put the focus on what's most important to you: spending time with those you love.

Share with your group of friends or your relatives that you'd like to give everyone a financial break this year, and suggest an alternative. Could you do a white elephant gift swap? Would your family be okay just giving gifts to the kids and not putting the adults on the need-to-buy-for list? How about providing baked goods for your coworkers instead of individually gifting them something from a store?

While earning more money can alleviate financial pressures so you can enjoy the festivities, it's not the only way to reduce money-related holiday stress. Get creative about alternatives that don't cost as much but still allow you to celebrate. Focus on what you care about most rather than rushing to spend more than you can truly afford this season.

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