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Want to teach your kids the value of saving? A piggy bank is a great way to start. Piggy banks help instill fundamental savings concepts and habits at a crucial time in your kids' lives. It can be a fun and approachable method to demonstrate the importance of saving. And as the piggy bank fills up, they can see the progress they're making toward savings goals of their own.

Making a DIY piggy bank is an even more engaging way to teach your young one a lesson in saving. Here are two kid-friendly ways to make a DIY piggy bank.

Reuse a Coffee Can

For this custom piggy bank technique, gather up an empty metal coffee container, stickers, markers, scissors, a box cutter and colorful contact paper or shelf liners. Start by cutting a slot in the lid of the coffee container. This is where your child will drop money into the piggy bank. Just be sure that you're the only one who handles the box cutter!

From there, help your child attach some colorful contact paper or shelf liner paper around the body of the coffee container, using scissors to trim any excess from the bottom of the container.

Lastly, decorate with stickers and markers. Have your child write their name and what they're saving for on the body or lid of the piggy bank. Once your child finishes decorating the piggy bank, attach the lid to the container body – and you have a fun piggy bank for your child to begin saving in! Be sure to put some change into the bank to get them started saving right away.

Make a Rainbow-Striped Ceramic Piggy Bank

Looking for a DIY piggy bank project that's a little more involved? While this one's a bit more challenging, it's also a lot of fun.

To make a rainbow-striped ceramic piggy bank, you'll need to start off with a plain ceramic piggy bank, available at many craft and toy stores. Next, pick up some thin blue painter's tape, paintbrushes and nontoxic paints in your child's favorite colors. You can also get a kit and customize it the same way. You'll simply need to pick up some painter's tape, as the kit will likely come with paints and brushes as well as the bank itself (though double check before you buy).

The piggy bank will require two painting sessions. To start, use painter's tape to mark off stripes on the piggy bank. The open spaces between strips of tape should be the same width as the tape itself. Once you've secured the painter's tape, paint each open section with a different color. Let your child choose which colors go where.

After the paint has dried completely, remove the strips of tape. Then cover the painted areas with tape and fill in blank spots, just like you did before. Let the second round of paint dry completely before placing money inside.

These DIY piggy banks are sure to get your kids excited about saving. They'll have fun now – and they'll thank you later!


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