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KeyBank National Association (“KeyBank” or “we” or “us” or “our”), through Online Banking may at our option send one or more Email alerts on transactions or other activities pertaining to your Designated Accounts visible through Online Banking. In addition, upon sign on to the application, you may select to receive specific Email alerts for specific accounts for delivery to your Email address on record with us. This Email alert service shall not modify any right or obligation that you or we may have under applicable law or any agreement with KeyBank. By using Online Banking and selecting specific Email alerts, you acknowledge and agree we shall have no liability if any other person accesses, views, uses or discloses your email notification content as all emails are sent via unencrypted means through an unsecured internet. You understand and agree that delivery of Email notification is not guaranteed and may be subject to delay or non-receipt due to reasons that are not in control to KeyBank. You also agree that we are not responsible for any action not taken by you due to an alert or transaction triggering an alert. Any fees associated to receipt of these alert notifications that are applied by your Internet Service Provider are your sole responsibility. Alert notifications will never include full account information, User IDs, or Passwords. Some information regarding balances and transactions may be included. You hereby consent to our delivery of these alerts to your Designated Email Address, and you acknowledge that anyone with access to your personal email account may be able to access this information. This service is provided for informational use only and should not replace your normal banking habits or processes. We may stop the alert notifications at any time, or may begin to charge a fee as determined. By selecting your credit card account for alert notices, you authorize TSYS Program Solutions to provide us with information about your credit card account for the purpose of sending alerts.

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