80% of People Spend Money on Resolutions They Don’t Keep.1 We're Here to Help.

Gym memberships. Diet plans. Workout equipment. Health and fitness fads are everywhere in the new year. But January is financial wellness month, so we’re here to get you and your finances in better shape without spending extra money. Check out these articles and tips on becoming a better you. And, we’ll make saving money easier than sticking to that trendy diet.


80% of people who join a gym in January quit within 5 months.2

Feel good about getting in shape and saving money. Here’s some helpful information to get you started:

Running shoes
Fitness Costs: The Best Options for Your Budget

With some research and planning, you can find activities you enjoy and fitness costs that suit your budget.

Woman working out
A Compact Home Gym: An Affordable Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

When mornings are hectic and you can't find that extra hour to go to the gym, exercising can be difficult. Consider creating a compact home gym.

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Put That Gym Membership Money to Work

Eating Healthy

92% of people give up on their diets in January.3

Here are sensible tips on cooking and eating healthy while saving money.

Couple eating together
Healthy Eating on a Budget Is Not as Hard as You Think

Enjoy healthy eating on a budget with five tips for shopping, cooking and thinking about your meals.

A boy and a man chop vegetables at a kitchen counter.
How Much Can You Save by Eating at Home?

Eating at home is cheaper than buying food at restaurants, and if you make a habit of cooking at home more you can most likely find significant savings.

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healthy meal

Skip the Trendy Meal Delivery and Diet Fads

Financial Wellness

1 in 5 people don’t save any of their annual income, and more than half of all people have made a “financial faux pas.”4

But we’ll get your financial life in great shape, and you’ll barely lift a finger.

Little girl with piggy bank
5 Proactive Saving Strategies for When You Feel the Impulse to Spend

Wherever the urge to spend comes from, curb it and stay within your budget with these simple proactive saving strategies.

Couple talking with an advisor
Money Saving Ideas for the New Year

One of the most important steps in saving money is to understand what you are spending it on. Here are some money saving ideas for the new year.

financial wellness tip
financial wellness tip
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