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The Path to Financial Wellness Starts Here.

Having a better understanding of your financial life makes it easier to enjoy what you love in life.

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We’re all on a financial journey. And reaching your destination depends on how well you understand and manage your finances. When you have your day-to-day finances on solid ground, you gain the peace of mind that comes with being able to save for the future, and the freedom to enjoy what you love.

It all starts with a free Key Financial Wellness ReviewSM from your local KeyBank Relationship Manager.

What you’ll get out of your Key Financial Wellness Review

We’re dedicated to making your financial wellness journey as smooth and easy as possible. In 30 minutes to an hour, a banker can show you how to better reach your goals – whether it’s buying a new bike, a new house or just feeling in control of your finances.


You’ll talk through where you’re at with your finances right now.


We’ll discuss your short- and long-term financial goals.


We’ll create a personalized, comprehensive plan to reach your goals.

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Common Questions

What is covered during a Key Financial Wellness Review?

A Key Financial Wellness Review focuses on four main categories:

  • Managing your cash – How do you buy things, pay bills and make deposits and withdrawals?
  • Safeguarding your important information – How do you protect your personal information and your family’s financial future?
  • Savings and investing – What are you saving for? Do you have an emergency fund and how are you saving for retirement?
  • Financing your future – Are you planning to borrow funds for a big purchase? What have you borrowed for in the past?
Why would I need a Key Financial Wellness Review?

A Key Financial Wellness Review is a stress-free, open conversation with a Relationship Manager about your current financial accounts and what may be missing from your financial plan.

A Key Financial Wellness Review allows a banking expert to help you determine if what you currently have is still the right fit for your needs. If you’ve just had a baby, have a wedding coming up, a new job, retirement or any other life changes, your needs have changed and it’s a great time for a review.

How can I prepare for my review? Do I need to bring anything?

You’re not required to bring documents, but we do recommend having any information that might help complete your financial picture. It would be helpful to know the value of any savings, investment or retirement accounts, and the balances of any loans or lines and credit cards, so you can get the most from your time with us.

Is there a fee for the Key Financial Wellness Review and will I be required to purchase anything?

Remember, Key Financial Wellness Reviews are provided at no charge. After the conversation, your Relationship Manager can make recommendations on banking products and services that may benefit you, but you’re under no obligation to purchase anything.