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KeyBank believes we are all on a financial journey. How soon you get to where you want to go is a function of how well you understand and manage your finances. When you are on solid ground with your day-to-day finances, have the peace of mind that comes with saving for the future, and have the freedom to enjoy the things you love, you improve your financial wellness. KeyBank is dedicated to making financial wellness as easy and as simple as possible.

From here to thriving, we’re here to help.

Like a GPS for your financial life, we’re here to guide you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Peace of mind. Confidence. Freedom.

It all comes from knowing your Financial Wellness Score. See how people like you are using it to manage their financial journeys.


How much are you spending? How much are you saving? How are you doing, financially?

Financial Wellness Score

KeyBank has teamed up with HelloWallet to help you on your journey to financial wellness. With your Financial Wellness Score, you’ll get a complete picture of where you are and where you’re headed financially. You’ll also receive actionable insights tailored to your circumstances so you can put a plan in place, then track and measure improvements. So dream big. Just make sure you’re on track with help and guidance from KeyBank.

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Your personalized Financial Wellness Score is composed of eight separate sub-scores:

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How you manage your cash

  • Spending
  • Credit card balances
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How you save for your future

  • Emergency savings
  • Retirement savings
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How you finance your future

  • Home equity
  • Other loan balances
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How you protect your future

  • Health insurance
  • All other insurance

It’s now more convenient than ever to use the red key.

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At KeyBank, financial wellness is just around the corner. In bank, online, or mobile, we’re here to help.

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