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KeyBank Relationship Rewards

Enroll in KeyBank Relationship Rewards® and start earning points through everyday banking activities such as Bill Pay, automated debits and credits such as direct deposits, and with credit card and debit card purchases. You can also earn points by expanding your banking relationship with Key by opening new products with us. Use the Rewards Calculator to see how the points can add up. 

Redeem your points for a wide array of today's hottest items, including:

  • Cash Back
  • Gift Cards from your favorite restaurants and retailers
  • Travel expenses including airfare and hotel - with online booking
  • Electronics
  • Charity Donations
  • and more!
Browse the rewards catalog to view all redemption possibilities.

There are several ways to earn KeyBank Relationship Rewards Points. For a complete guide, download our KeyBank Relationship Rewards Point Guide PDF.

  • Everyday activities, and more
    You can earn points just for regular everyday banking activities, like writing checks and making deposits (100 points per transaction). Earn points with your credit and debit card transactions:
    • Earn 1 reward point for every $6 spent in eligible signature debit net purchases and PIN/POS net purchases.
    • Earn 1 reward point for every $1 spent in eligible KeyBank Platinum MasterCard Credit Card purchases**
    • Earn 5 reward points for every $1 spent in eligible Key2More Rewards MasterCard Credit Card purchases**

    Plus, additional bonus points can be earned by just meeting the qualification criteria for certain activities.

  • Expand your relationship with KeyBank
    Considering opening a CD? Savings account? Home equity loan? When you're enrolled in KeyBank Relationship Rewards, you can earn points by expanding your relationship with KeyBank.

Find out all the ways you can earn points

See how the points add up

Calculate your reward point potential with our Reward Calculator. Use this interactive tool to determine how many points you could earn with your current banking activities. Plus, see examples of what you could redeem with those points. 

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Want to be rewarded for your KeyBank Relationship?

Enroll in KeyBank Relationship Rewards

  • If you are a current KeyBank client, you may enroll through Online Banking, call 800-KEY2YOU (539-2968) or visit your local Key branch
  • If you are a new KeyBank client, request to enroll in KeyBank Relationship Rewards when opening your new checking account

To redeem your points for great rewards, simply sign on to Online Banking and go to Account Details. From there, select "Rewards Points" and you will enter our rewards redemption site where you can:

  • Shop using the rewards catalog
  • Redeem your points for rewards
  • Book travel online, with your points as a payment option

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