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Important information regarding data compromise at Target stores

12/20/13 - We know the Target data compromise has prompted a lot of questions and concern about credit and debit card security in light of the data compromise, and the safety and security of credit and debit cards in general.

We want to take a moment to assure you that we're watching over your accounts today and every day. Protecting your financial assets is our top priority and we are constantly evaluating ways we can do even more to help keep your financial assets safe and sound.

We are monitoring the Target data compromise situation very carefully so we can offer helpful suggestions and advice to clients affected by the compromise and clients who are concerned by the compromise. We hope the following information gives you a better understanding of the current situation and what we are doing now – and every day – to help protect your accounts.

Questions on the Target data compromise

How do I know whether my card might have been affected?
According to published reports and other information, your card data might be affected if you used a debit or credit card while shopping at Target between November 27, 2013 and December 15, 2013.
What does the payment data theft mean to me?
It means if your card data was stolen, someone might use the data to make unauthorized purchases.
What steps can I take to help protect my account?

It is very important to frequently monitor your checking accounts and credit card accounts for any indication of unusual purchases. KeyBank offers several convenient ways to do that.

You can monitor your KeyBank checking accounts and credit card accounts via Online Banking, on your mobile device, by visiting one of our branches, by checking your account at an ATM, or by contacting us at 800-KEY2YOU (800-539-2968).

You might consider adding Account Alerts to your KeyBank checking and credit card accounts. These alerts give you a real-time view of activity on your account.

Am I liable if someone makes unauthorized purchases?
You can have peace of mind knowing that you will have zero liability for unauthorized purchases, if you let us know of suspicious transactions in a timely manner.
I know KeyBank is monitoring credit and debit card accounts as a result of this problem. But are you only doing that now because of the Target situation?
We have enhanced our regular careful monitoring in light of the Target data compromise. But we want you to know that KeyBank is monitoring your accounts every day. We use a variety of sophisticated methods to spot signs of fraud or theft.
Should I cancel my debit and credit cards, or stop using credit or debit cards entirely?

The decision to cancel or discontinue using your cards is a personal one only you can make. It is important to monitor your accounts carefully, and contact KeyBank if you spot suspicious transactions.

Credit and debit cards are useful tools for managing your spending. There are lots of ways to help protect your cards from fraud. Please check out our Privacy and Security resource library for additional information we think will help you use your cards with confidence that your financial assets are secure.