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you are a
free spirit.

You March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

You thrive on good energy and see the act of negotiation mainly as a barrier, not an opportunity. Not one for conflict, you’d rather step away than stay to fight it out – and given the choice, you’d leave it at that indefinitely. A useful tactic in highly emotional situations or those not worthy of your time – be careful, as eventually all the loose ends may lead to chaos – threatening both your reputation and your hope of getting the positive (and conflict-free) results you ultimately desire.

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SWOT Analysis


  • Aloof – Your conflict-avoidant nature allows you to deflect and dodge problem-makers with ease.

  • Neutral – You don’t choose sides, you choose you – which brings with it an air of objectivity.


  • Flighty – Your desire to avoid conflict means some may view you as hard to deal with.

  • Unprepared – We don’t prep for things we don’t plan to do, and so it is with you and negotiating.


  • Today’s “Big” Crisis – Many businesses (and people) thrive on the constant crisis. But yesterday’s crisis is often today’s no big deal. Your naturally avoidant nature allows you to dodge making mistakes of passion or urgency. Capitalize on this by focusing on what’s important, not urgent.


  • The Unavoidable – Some business negotiations must happen whether you like it or not. And many also come with tight deadlines. Skip the stress and anxiety by planning ahead for what you know is coming, and bring in trusted partners to help navigate the rest on your behalf.

Become a Better Negotiator

  • Show up for yourself – As stressed as they may make you, not all negotiations are hard. And if you take some time to better know and understand your negotiating partners – you may even find that some can be fun. But the first step is showing up. By holding yourself accountable to be present, you’ll not only make sure your goals get their fair shot but also that your reputation and relationships remain strong. Don’t be surprised when you discover that the value you gain in the long term almost always outweighs any stress or fears you may have about handling the negotiation now.
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