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You Came to Win and You’re Not Afraid to Show It

A master at commanding the room, you know what you want and you’re willing to play hardball to get it. Typically uncompromising and always in search of ways to strengthen your position, even if it means weakening theirs – you tend to find a way to come out on top, regardless of the long-term cost. This approach can serve you well in one-off business negotiations, but be wary about being overly aggressive with long-term partners because you may risk damaging relationships.

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SWOT Analysis


  • Confident and Assertive – You exude strength and demand respect in every situation.

  • Diligent and Focused – You know the details matter and look for ways to use them to your advantage.


  • Short-Sighted – By focusing on immediate wins, you put yourself at risk for losing out long term.

  • Intimidating and Hard to Trust – Your tough negotiation style makes it difficult for some to trust


  • Hard Negotiations – While your assertive nature means you tend to fare well in most negotiations, your skill set truly shines during tough negotiations and moments of impasse, especially when dealing with people who are conflict-averse or ill-prepared.


  • You – When it comes to long-term relationships between those you frequently negotiate with, the biggest threat is not their negotiation style – it’s yours. Work to reposition longer-term goals, like strong relationships, as your primary focus in a business negotiation to help overcome this threat.

Become a Better Negotiator

  • View the big picture – Winning is an amazing and important part of negotiating, but it isn’t everything. This is especially true when it affects relationships and your long-term reputation. Take time to think about not just what’s on the table for each specific negotiation, but who sits in front of you. Optimize for things that will get you and the business relationship the furthest in the long term, then negotiate for that.
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