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While we all may feel a bit disconnected from our routines, our workplaces, co-workers and friends, the extended Key4Women® team is busy leaning in to bring practical advice to others during this time of disruption resulting from COVID-19.

"What we realize, more at this time than ever, is that the relationships we’ve built together over the past 15 years through this network are steadfast and dedicated to helping each other for the greater good," said Barb Smith, Director, Key4Women. "We can proudly say that our Key4Women members in communities across the nation are strong strategists, experts at flexibility, calm leaders in the face of crisis, and niche professionals who willingly band together for the future success of one another – even in the most uncertain of times."

Here are some thoughts and advice from one of our experts at Key4Women:

Cheryl Perez, Trainer, Coach and Consultant
CEO at BIG-HR & CCP Enterprises

Perspective During COVID-19

"Brick and mortar businesses with an online offering had an advantage during the first few weeks of the pandemic," said Cheryl Perez, small business owner and consultant. "Those businesses still had a way to operate. We’ve been helping others adapt quickly to develop their online marketplace."

As a best practice for her own business, Perez keeps a running list of pain points she uncovers when talking with her clients and prospects. The pain points of small businesses shifted almost overnight during the onset of shelter-at-home directives. "Pivoting quickly for ourselves and for our clients was essential," Perez commented. "We quickly created tool kits, videos for our YouTube channel – anything we thought would be valuable to small businesses and entrepreneurs at this time."


"I have an advisory board for my business – all business owners should have one. These board members have become my mentors over time," Perez said. "It keeps me accountable and focused."

Another way to find mentorship and collaboration is through Facebook Groups. Perez belongs to several, including one named Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners. "I come to these groups to get help, but to also give help as well. It feels good, especially now, to give," she continued.

"As I meet with clients during COVID-19, I try to give them tips, tools and a good dose of hope," Perez said. "This country has been through tough times before, and small businesses have been able to thrive. Take this time to work on your business. Brush off your strategy, update it and use this time to plan. Whatever business you are in, make sure you have a digital presence."

An Enlightening Observation

Unity within the small business community has been impressive, Perez noted. People have been going out of their way to share expertise and counsel. Experts are creating free content for the good of all, and those who often held business advice close are now reaching out.

"It’s been beautiful," said Perez. "It gives me hope and makes me smile."

The Support You Need

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About Cheryl Perez

Cheryl is the founder and President of Cheryl C Perez Brands (BIG-HR & CCP), a brand of companies focused on serving entrepreneurs and businesses that want to create the infrastructures and HR practices that will help them start and grow. She and her businesses have a reputation for expertise and service excellence. Cheryl is a trained and award-winning public speaker who enjoys coaching, training and speaking to people who desperately want to start and grow a business and leads a team that will allow them to experience the financial and lifestyle freedom of entrepreneurship.

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