Mobile Banking Overview Tour

Account Information

From the Account Information section, you can view your intraday report summary, detail, and transactions for the current day. View previous day summary, detail, and transactions for the previous 30 days. From here, you can also search transactions or initiate book transfers.

Positive Pay

From the Positive Pay section, you can view a list of same day and next day items, as well as review secondary authorization items for both. Take action on items by authorizing or stopping payments until the cut-off time. Item details include check images.


From the ACH section, you can approve and release batches available on the batch list, batch detail, batch transaction list, and transactions detail screens.

All credit products are subject to credit approval.

Self Service

From the Self Service section, you can approve items that appear in your maintenance queue. Also available is a User List that displays each user's company contact information and allows you to reset users' passwords if needed.

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