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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll in the KeyNavigator Message Center and how do I know what alerts I am eligible for?

Enrollment and alert management in the KeyNavigator Message Center is user-driven. Eligibility for alert subscriptions is driven by KeyNavigator product and service entitlements. To set up eligible alerts, login to KeyNavigator, and then click on the Message Center link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then select the Manage Alerts tab to add various alerts that you are eligible for. To obtain access to additional alerts, work with your Payments Advisor to add services required to receive associated alerts.

Is there a cost to subscribe to alerts?

No, Message Center alerts are considered a complimentary service supporting the reports to which you are entitled.

What alerts are currently available in the KeyNavigator Message Center?

Currently 18 alerts are available via the Message Center for Account Activity, ACH and Wires. Please contact your Payments Advisor to learn more.

How many email addresses can I send alerts to?

You have the option to send alerts to two email addresses. The first email address is the email address associated with your KeyNavigator User Profile and can only be edited by contacting your Payments Advisor. You can also provide a secondary email address by accessing the Manage Delivery tab within the Message Center.

How can alerts be customized?

Most alerts can be sent in real time or can be scheduled for a specific time of day. Additionally, many alerts have dollar amount thresholds available.

What delivery channels are available for alerts from the KeyNavigator Message Center?

Alerts are available via email, SMS/Text Message and within the Message Center Message History Tab.

Does the Message Center work in all browsers?

We highly recommend using the Message Center with Internet Explorer 10.0 and higher or recent versions of Chrome and/or Firefox.