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Frequently Asked Questions: General

What is Self Service?

Self Service is an important feature included as part of your KeyNavigator setup. It gives you control over what your KeyNavigator® users can access and has the flexibility to address the complexities of a multi-tiered user environment. Company Administrators can add users and customize account access, approval levels, service entitlements and amount limits for each individual user.

Who can access Self Service?

There are three levels of Self Service access available: Administrator, Approver, and View/Reporting Only. To give your company even more flexibility and control, these roles can be narrowed by function and/or service application.

  • Administrators: Administrators have control of adding users and/or provisioning user access to services. 
  • Approvers: Approvers can authorize or reject edits submitted by Administrators. 
  • View/Reporting Only: This role allows users to access Self Service and view existing setup by service as well as run and export history reports. Users with this role are prevented from making edits.
Can Administrators add new users?

Yes. Self Service users with the Platform Administrator role can create new KeyNavigator user profiles, reset user passwords, suspend system access, and provision access to mobile channels.

Administrators must have the appropriate application Administrator role(s) to provision user access to KeyNavigator services like Information Reporting, Wires, ACH, Key Capture®, etc.

Can Administrators open new accounts in Self Service?

No. To ensure safety and security, new accounts cannot be opened through Self Service at this time. Please contact your Payments Advisor for more information.

Can Administrators set up existing bank accounts for cash management services?

Accounts owned by the company can be added to KeyNavigator and set up for common cash management services including Information Reporting, Wires, Positive Pay, Book Transfer, and more.

Note: To ensure security, accounts cannot be set up for ACH origination or Key Capture remote deposit through Self Service at this time. Other restrictions may apply depending on the type of account and the service. Please contact your Payments Advisor for more information.

Can Self Service users edit their own entitlements?

No. Administrators are prohibited from modifying their own access and entitlements and Approvers are prohibited from authorizing changes to their own access and entitlements. This is an important security function to protect your company’s assets.

What audit features are available?

Our Self Service administration tool allows you to view service setup summary reports as well as activity & maintenance history reports. Some reports can be exported to Excel, and others can be printed in PDF.

Do you offer a secondary authorization for changes made in Self Service?

Yes. Secondary authorization is required when access to the wire module is modified. Secondary authorization is an option for other modifications including newly added user, password reset, access granted to fraud services, and access granted to mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions: Upcoming Changes

Companies with Self Service will receive a series of company administration updates between January and March 2022. In addition to a refreshed user interface, Self Service companies will gain improved ways to manage user access with new Administrator roles which allows for more flexibility and control across our applications, an updated tool to make adding users more efficient, the ability to view and manage their company contacts, updated activity & maintenance reports, and more!

Why is the bank doing this?

KeyBank is improving the company administration and access provisioning functions available in KeyNavigator Self Service so you can manage your business payments with even more convenience and control.

What’s changing?

In addition to a refreshed and modernized interface, this upgrade includes:

  • Updated Add User Process: Set up new users more efficiently
  • New Self Service User Roles: New administrator roles allow you to manage Self Service user access with even more flexibility and control across our applications
  • New Company Administration Summary View: Quickly view and edit Self Service user access 
  • Company Contact Manager: Easily update your KeyBank Company Contacts 
  • Improved Security Functions: Resetting user passwords is easier than ever
  • Changes to History Reports: View information more specific to your needs with additional activity and maintenance data
When is this occurring?

The update will launch in waves beginning January 24.

Who does this impact?

All users with access to Self Service in KeyNavigator.

What if I don’t have Self Service?

Self Service empowers businesses to delegate cash management activities quickly and easily without sacrificing security. If you don’t have Self Service today but would like to learn more, reach out to your Payments Advisor.

Is there any additional cost for Self Service?

No. Self Service is included free of charge for all KeyNavigator companies.

Will my existing setup be loaded?


What services are available for modification in Self Service?

Book Transfer, Wires, Account Reconcilement Services (ARP/Check Issue Maintenance), Fraud Services (Positive Pay/Payment Protection), Transaction Services (Stop Payment), Image Research Center, Information Reporting, File Transfer, Mobile Web, Mobile App, Self Service, Lockbox, and Key Capture (coming soon beginning February 14, 2022!)

Is there anything I should do to prepare for this change?

Keep an eye out for email communications with Online Help resources and be sure to register for our live training webinars to help you get acquainted with the changes, save time, and streamline routine maintenance tasks!

When are the live training webinars?

January 19 @ 2 p.m. ET

January 20 @ 11 a.m. ET

Where can I register for training?

Links to register for training will be included in an upcoming email communication. Watch your inbox and add to your address book to make sure you don’t miss it.

What if I can’t attend the live training?

A recorded version of the training webinar will be available to view in KeyNavigator Online Help.

How are Self Service roles/entitlements changing?

Today, any user with access to Self Service can view and/or manage all products and services. Following the upgrade, Self Service can be broken up by product application and function. Users can be set up with a combination of these roles and you can view/modify user access any time from a new section on the Self Service homepage.

  • KeyNavigator Platform Administration roles: Administrator, Approver, View & Reporting Only 

    Includes adding users, resetting passwords, granting access to Mobile, and granting Platform Administration roles.

  • Common Services Administration roles: Administrator, Approver, View & Reporting Only

    Includes granting access to Book Transfer, Wires, Account Reconcilement Services (ARP/Check Issue Maintenance), Fraud Services (Positive Pay/Payment Protection), Transaction Services (Stop Payment), Image Research Center, Information Reporting, File Transfer, Lockbox, and Common Services Administration roles.

  • Key Capture Administration roles: Administrator

    Includes granting access to Key Capture remote deposit and Key Capture Administrator role.

Who do I contact for help?

Contact a member of your KeyBank team or Commercial Banking Services at 1-866-886-0848, Option #2 (M–F 8 a.m.–8 p.m. ET).