Key2Prepaid FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To log onto the Key2Prepaid Administrator Portal visit

Log on to KeyNavigatorsm to view your Key2Prepaid reports. Select Card Services from the top navigation and click on the Key2Prepaid link.

Multiple reports are available for Key2Prepaid programs, including:

  • New Account
  • Cards Never Activated
  • Card Funding
  • Returned Cards

There are a variety of reports available through KeyNavigator for your program on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You can add an individual through the Key2Prepaid administrative portal. You have the option to have KeyBank mail the card to the individual or instantly issue the card from stock on hand. Please refer to the Key2Prepaid User Guide for instructions adding new cardholders.

If you forget your Key2Prepaid username or password, please contact KeyBank Commercial Card Support at 1-800-539-9039, Option 3 or via email at

Cardholders can leverage the following resources:

  • Visit 24/7 to view balances, recent transactions and their transaction history at no charge. Cardholders can also enroll in email or text alerts and view answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Call our interactive voice response unit at 866-295-2955 to check their balances, recent transactions, reset their PIN, and get transaction history details.
  • Contact Customer Service 24/7/365 toll-free at 866-295-2955; bilingual agents are available.

No, there is no program setup fee. The only fee is related to the number of cards produced monthly. If you want to add a logo to the card design, there may be a one-time fee assessed.

No, there are no annual fees.

Using the same ACH file for Direct Deposit, you simply add the Key2Prepaid account numbers created and process the file through your ACH provider.

You simply add a record for each Key2Prepaid cardholder account which contains four additional data fields:

  • 17 digit account number (the leading zero (0) is mandatory)
  • KeyBank prepaid routing number
  • Checking Account Designation
  • Funding Amount

    Funding for all of your Key2Prepaid cards is processed as a normal ACH file.

Prepaid ACH rejected entries are typically handled like any other ACH rejected item. If your ACH entry is rejected, you will be notified by Prepaid Card Operations.

Funding your Key2Prepaid cards follows the same general process and timing as sending funds to a direct deposit account. For example, if you send a file on Wednesday with an effective date of Friday, the funds will be loaded by 7:00 am ET Friday morning.