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Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system and components are required for the ARP File Translator?

Operating System:

  • Windows® XP SP3 ( 32 bit)
  • Windows® Vista (32 bit) or Windows® 7
  • (32 and 64 bit), Windows® 8
  • Windows® 10 (32 and 64 bit)


  • Minimum Version: 1.6
  • Maximum Version: 1.8
What are the file requirements?

The file must be delimited or in a fixed width format. Compatible delimiters are commas and semi-colons. The file must have either a .txt or .csv extension. Note: Excel files can be saved with a .csv extension which will result in a comma delimited file.

How will I know if my file will be compatible using the ARP Translator Tool?

You may work directly with the Transmissions Team to determine compatibility. Please contact our Transmissions Hotline at 800-539-9630 and select option 2.

What method of transmission does the ARP Translator Tool support?

The ARP Translator Tool will format your check issuance file to Key’s proprietary format. This file can then be transmitted through KeyNavigator File Transfer.

What are the password requirements? What if I forgot my password and I am locked out?

Passwords need to be 8-12 characters long. They are case sensitive and must include 2 non-consecutive numerical digits. If you forgot your password, another user may log in and reset your password. User passwords are communicated at the time of setup.

Can I change the setup in the ARP Translator Tool from standard positive pay to payee name positive pay?

Yes. However, prior to changing from standard to payee, the ARP Translator Tool must be uninstalled and then reinstalled. This will remove all saved rules and data that have been imported.

How does the ARP Translator Tool know which checks to retrieve?

The ARP Translator Tool will retrieve only those checks issued since the last time you submitted a file. Therefore, the tool will only retrieve checks that have been added to your check register since the last retrieval date.

Can I delete data once I have imported and exported it?

You may delete the file prior to exporting the file. However, once you export the file, you may not delete the data without uninstalling the tool. When using QuickBooks,® no data can be deleted.