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1. Overview

The Key2Benefits card is a prepaid debit card designed to offer state agency programs and public entities a secure, low-cost and convenient method of issuing recurring payments such as unemployment insurance, child support, retirement/pensions, workers compensation, and utility subsidies electronically.

Key2Benefits enables you to issue payments to your recipients via a prepaid debit card, as an alternative to paper checks or direct deposit. The cards can be loaded with multiple deposits and can be used like any other debit card for point-of-sale purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs or via a branch.

Secure websites are available for your program administrators to enroll and maintain card accounts, and for cardholders to view their Key2Benefits card account information such as transaction history and statements.

The Key2Benefits administrator portal is available at:

This portal allows you to:

  • Search for cardholders
  • Add new cardholders
  • Update cardholder information, including addresses
  • Review deposit history and card status information

1.1 About this Guide

This document should be provided to any program administrator that can enroll cardholders, view or update cardholder information, or access Key2Benefits reports on KeyNavigatorSM. You will find detailed information regarding the Key2Benefits administrator portal as well as detailed Administrator procedures. The procedures explain how to enroll or search for cardholders. For existing cardholders, procedures explain how to update cardholder information, review deposit history, and troubleshoot common issues.