About your Key2Prepaid card - Limits

Frequently asked questions about activation, usage and benefits of your Key2Prepaid card®.


Key2Prepaid Limits Questions

Can I make a purchase for more than the amount on my Key2Prepaid card?

If you need to make a purchase for more than the amount you have on your Key2Prepaid card, you will need to use two forms of payment. Tell the cashier how much you want taken from the balance on your card — the cashier cannot determine your available balance. Then, pay the remaining balance with cash, check, credit card or another debit card. Split transactions are only available at participating retailers.

Can I use my Key2Prepaid card at the gas pump?

Yes. However, if you use your Key2Prepaid card to pay at the pump, a maximum hold may be placed on your account to initiate your transaction. This amount will be held until the actual transaction amount clears. If you do not want funds held while waiting for the transaction to clear, please pay the cashier inside for your gasoline purchase. Payments made inside clear for the actual transaction amount immediately. Similar maximum holds may be placed on transactions at restaurants and car rentals. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Can the Key2Prepaid card be overdrawn?

In most cases, a purchase that exceeds the available balance on your Key2Prepaid card will not be approved. In very limited circumstances, if you do not have sufficient funds when the final amount clears, it may result in a negative balance; however you will not be charged an overdraft fee. You can call the Key2Prepaid Customer Support line at 1-866-295-2955 or access your transaction history online at www.Key2Prepaid.com to determine the balance remaining on your card.

Can anyone else access my transaction history?

No. For privacy reasons, KeyBank does not share card numbers or transaction details. However, for reconciliation purposes, KeyBank does have access to the amount and date of each load to your card.

Will I earn interest on the funds on my Key2Prepaid Card?

No. The funds on your card do not earn interest.

How do I obtain information about fees for my Key2Prepaid Card?

Fees are located on the Key2Prepaid Schedule of Card Fees sent to you with your card. You can also access it here www.key.com/k2prepaiddisclosure. You may also call the Key2Prepaid Customer Support line at 1-866-295-2955 to request fee information.