Mastercard® Gift Cards

Easy gift-giving with prepaid cards.

A Key Possibilities Mastercard®1 makes giving the perfect gift simple. Prepay the amount of your choice and recipients can use the card anywhere debit Mastercard is accepted.

Options for Use:

  • Give gifts
  • Send money in place of money orders, checks or cash
  • Budget and control your own spending

Benefits of the Key Possibilities Mastercard:

  • Available for KeyBank customers2 to purchase at your local KeyBank branch (Discontinuing in all New York state branches as of December 1, 2022) in any denomination from $25 to $2,500. There is a $3.95 issuance fee for each prepaid gift card
  • Activated immediately and ready to use at the time of issuance for purchases3
  • Accepted at most locations worldwide that accept debit Mastercard, at ATMs displaying the Cirrus® acceptance mark and at KeyBank ATMs4
  • Use your card as often as you would like until the balance is depleted or the card expires

About Key Possibilities Mastercard Gift Cards

Our Key Possibilities gift card is a great alternative to cash, checks and store-specific gift cards. It’s a prepaid card that can be given to anyone, for any occasion, and allows the recipient the flexibility to choose his or her gift. Purchases can be made in-person, through catalogs, or online anywhere Debit Mastercard cards are accepted.

No. The Key Possibilities card is a prepaid card that can be used everywhere Debit Mastercard cards are accepted. The card is loaded with a fixed amount at the time of purchase. Each time the card is used, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance. Your card is not a revolving credit card, but you could use the card exactly like you would use a credit card to make a purchase.

The Key Possibilities card can be purchased by a KeyBank customer who is 18 years or older, issued and immediately activated at any KeyBank branch. To place a bulk order, please contact your KeyBank relationship manager or local branch (Bulk orders will be discontinued in New York state as of December 1, 2022). The maximum value that can be purchased by customers and loaded to a Key Possibilities card is $2,500.

Key Possibilities gift cards are valid until the “Good Thru” date shown on the face of the card. We encourage the cardholder to use the entire balance before the card expires.

For instant-issue Key Possibilities gift cards there is a card issuance fee of $3.95 per card, regardless of how much money is on the card.

Using KeyBank Mastercard Gift Card

The Key Possibilities gift card is disposable; no additional value can be added to it. Please dispose of card once card has been used.

There are no fees associated with using the card only the card issuance fee of $3.95.

The card’s available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. You may inform the merchant of the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant. Your transaction will not be approved unless you have sufficient funds to cover the entire transaction amount, including taxes, tips and fees. Some restaurants may add a tip to your bill automatically before attempting an authorization. Be sure to always be aware of your balance. If you prefer not to pay a tip on your Key Possibilities gift card, alert your server. Keep track of your Key Possibilities gift card balance so you don’t try to make purchases for more than the amount remaining on your card. To check your card balance, call the number located on the back of your card.

Yes, you can withdraw money from a Key Possibilities gift card. You can use the Key Possibilities Mastercard gift card at any KeyBank ATM. Simply go to to register your card and obtain a PIN. At the ATM, insert your card and type in your PIN. When prompted, select “Withdrawal” and then “Checking.” Proceed as usual by entering the amount you wish to withdraw. Your withdrawal limit is $300 per day, not to exceed the value of the card.

The card carrier of your Key Possibilities gift card will have the denomination on it. You will also be given a receipt for your purchase amount.

The Key Possibilities gift card is not authorized for “pay at the pump” purchases. We suggest you go into the store, give your card to the attendant, and sign for the purchase.

It is possible that the address used at the time the card was purchased is different than your current address. To use a Mastercard gift card, online and telephone merchants verify your billing address at the time of your purchase, to ensure it matches the address on file for your card. You must wait 24 business hours from the time the card is purchased to allow the address to be updated.

You may obtain information about the unused monetary value by calling us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-888-881-8969. You will need the card number, expiration date, and the CVV code which is located on the back of the card.

Who to Contact

Call Customer Service toll free at 1-888-881-8969 to cancel your Key Possibilities® gift card as soon as possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After the card is canceled, we will refund any remaining balance.

In case of errors or questions about your use of the Key Possibilities gift card, telephone our Customer Service at 1-888-881-8969. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after the receipt was issued on which the problem or error appeared.

In case of an error on your account, contact us Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST at 1-888-881-8969, or write us at:

Key Possibilities

P.O. Box 1803

Dayton, Ohio 45401-1803


Subject to the terms of the Key Possibilities Cardholder Agreement. The card is issued by KeyBank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


The Key Possibilities Card is available to KeyBank customers only. Non-customers may not purchase a Key Possibilities card.


To make ATM withdrawals, please go to to obtain a PIN.


Due to European Union regulations, Key Possibilities gift cards are not accepted by merchants or ATMs in all European Union countries.

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