Key Secured Credit Card®

a secure way to build credit.1

A Key Secured Credit Card works a lot like a traditional credit card, except you put funds in a savings account equal to the assigned credit limit. As you use your card and pay your monthly bill, your history gets reported to major credit bureaus. So this card can help you build a solid credit history right from the start or press refresh on a credit history you want to improve.

KeyBank credit card art

How It Works

  • You secure your card with a deposit of $300 - $5,000 to a Key Active Saver® account.2
  • We review your account history twice a year to see if you can graduate to an unsecured credit card.
  • Manage your card and keep track of your FICO® Score anytime in online and mobile banking.3
  • No annual fee.4

Frequently Asked Questions

When you graduate to an unsecured card, the hold is removed and you’ll have access to the deposit in your Key Active Saver account.

To help you establish your credit, your credit card history will be reported to the three major federal credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

This card is for purchases only, and you can use it for purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted including in stores, online and in apps. To help keep you on track, it doesn’t offer cash advances, convenience checks, or balance transfers. Transactions that are considered cash advances include: ATM and point of sale withdrawals; wire transfers; and buying foreign currency, traveler's checks, money orders, lottery tickets, or gambling chips and wagers.


Use of the Key Secured Credit Card can help build your credit when the minimum payment is made by the due date, each month.


The monthly maintenance service charge on the Key Active Saver account will be waived for Key Secured Credit Card clients. The monthly maintenance service charge waiver is only valid as long as the Key Secured Credit Card remains open. If you are graduated to an unsecured card or close your Key Secured Credit Card account, the Key Active Saver monthly maintenance service charge of $4.00 may apply, unless you are the owner on a KeyBank consumer checking account (including KeyBank Hassle-Free Account®).


Clients with newly opened credit card accounts may not see their first FICO® Score in online and mobile banking for up to 90 days after enrollment. In certain circumstances, a FICO® Score may not be available for various reasons, e.g., having a limited credit history. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


Please see the cardmember agreement for rates and fees associated with this card.

Key will not deduct payments from the funds we hold as collateral to make your required monthly payment. Key will only deduct payments from the funds we hold as collateral if your account is in default. Per your account agreement, it is your responsibility to make the monthly minimum payment.

Current KeyBank Clients can apply online. If you are new to KeyBank and currently don’t have any accounts with us, please visit a local branch to apply.

The creditor and issuer of this credit card is KeyBank N.A., pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Subject to funds being appropriately deposited and credit approval.