Key Moments

Love, Joy and Whoopie Pies

Key Moments showcases extraordinary relationships and the power of exceptional service. This is Marcia’s story.

The thing we’re making here, more than anything else, is all about joy. I started in my own home kitchen and I had no business being in business because I had no background. But I went to the bank and met Alina at KeyBank and she right away said to me something that I’ve held all this time. She said "you're going to do something amazing; I just know it."

I could see through her eyes her passion. She didn’t know much right, and that’s okay, about how to open a proper business. I told her that like listen, that’s why I’m here. Your family believes in you. I believe in you. Key believes in your success. And she was motivated by this.

My success felt to a large degree to her like her success. I knew that KeyBank was going to stand behind me. I knew that Alina was going to be my friend, and she has been beside me the whole way.

Each whoopie pie from Cape Whoopies, Maine’s Gourmet Whoopie Pie is baked through with love and joy – and backed by a special connection between their maker and a Key banker.

That connection began when Marcia Wiggins, owner and operator at Cape Whoopies, met Alina Dubois, KeyBank Area Retail Leader for southern Maine. Nine years later, a hobby – baking small cake and cream confections in Marcia’s kitchen for family and friends – is now a half million-dollar enterprise in South Portland, Maine.

Marcia was a business novice when she visited her local KeyBank to inquire about a business account and credit card. Alina, taken with Marcia’s passion for her pies, told her, "I know you’re going to do something amazing."

Marcia took those words to heart. Alina and KeyBank stood beside her, providing guidance, access to capital and an unwavering belief in her success.

Alina has been there from day one," says Marcia, who treasures the personal friendship that has grown. "She is an inspiration – so positive, willing and helpful. I can text her, call her on the phone or email her. I visit her and bring whoopie pies. And Alina visits me in the workspace that she helped to develop."

The Cape Whoopies customer base grew to include Whole Foods, e-commerce giant Goldbelly, Amazon, and, most recently, the supermarket chain Wegmans. Marcia’s business first moved to a local shared commercial kitchen, and later to its current 2,600-square-foot space.

At every step, Marcia consulted with Alina, who brought her expert perspective as a Key4Women Certified Advisor. As part of the Key4Women team, which supports women business owners, Alina introduced Marcia to other business contacts. And time and again, Alina has helped Marcia secure capital for kitchen equipment and additional needs.

"Marcia knows she can call me and I’ll help her, and she knows I have a big team that will help her," Alina says. "Nobody else will fight harder than Key for her. Seeing her business grow makes me so proud – and so proud of her. That’s why I do this every single day – to make a big impact in somebody’s life."

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