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KeyNavigator offers a simple and convenient way to send international payments through our International ACH Transactions (IAT) portal. The purpose of this guide is to introduce the service and provide a quick reference on how to submit a successful transaction.

International ACH transactions are a lower cost, more efficient solution for sending international payments. Unlike sending a check, ACH transactions are safer, more expedited and cost effective than an international wire. International ACH transactions work best for recurring payments that are under $100,000 and are always originated in U.S. dollars. When you send a payment, your account will be debited (for outbound credits) on the day after the payment submission, regardless of the destination credit date. However, if your account is prefunded, your payment will be debited at time item is submitted for processing. If the receiving account is in local currency, then the receiving bank will do the currency conversion at their applicable rate.

NOTE: It is important to note that IAT payments must be submitted and approved as single payments and file imports are not supported.

KeyBank strongly recommends that the first payment you send to a receiver is a nominal dollar test payment as opposed to any critical payments. This is due to the fact each country may have specific account formatting requirements. A first-time test transaction can ensure payment processes all the way through successfully and receiver can confirm payment was received prior to sending larger dollar value payments. Once the first payment is successful, the rest will become easier and creating an IAT template will expedite the process for future transactions.

Some countries require an IBAN which stands for International Bank Account Number. It identifies an individual account, at a specific financial institution, in a particular country and is used to process financial transactions between institutions in different countries. Used correctly, the IBAN facilitates faster payment processing. For example, the standard IBAN for Italy contains 27 characters made up of the following:

  • 2 letters ISO country code
  • 2 digits IBAN check digits
  • 1 character check digit
  • 5 digits bank code
  • 5 digits branch code
  • 12 characters account number


NOTE: The sender of the payment is responsible to gather the appropriate bank and account information from the intended receiver prior to creating a payment using the ACH Module.

IAT payments are not eligible for Same Day Processing. On average, the time it takes the receiver to get the funds is 1 to 3 days; this, however, may vary based on the receiving country. For example, Canada can be a one-day value date if the file is received by Key prior to 1 PM Eastern Standard time.

The module always defaults to the next day for a value date. Value date can be changed to any eligible date up to 31 days in the future. The calendar pop up allows for selection of eligible dates. Dates ineligible will be ghosted out on the calendar, such as weekends and bank holidays.

Please note that regulatory screening, as well as the receiving country’s holidays, may impact timing of payment being received and posted to receivers’ account.

Return payment rules can vary significantly by country. Return dollar amounts may also may not match the original payment amount sent due to currency conversion. Return payments will be listed on the ACH Returns report also referred to Customer Activity Report and the return reason will be indicated.

The KeyNavigator ACH Module for IAT provides a simple, user-friendly method to send international payments as long as all the necessary fields are completed per Nacha rules and destination country requirements. The module will help you complete a seamless transaction. Please note that occasionally, some fields that are not marked as mandatory may need to be completed. Submitting payments with all the details necessary will also help the payment make it through bank’s compliance screening.

The following is a list of the current countries that will be accepted for International ACH payments.

NOTE: If an international payment needs to be sent to any country that is not in the list below, an international wire transfer should be used.


Begin submitting your International ACH Transaction in KeyNavigator, first login to KeyNavigator with your Logon ID and password and method of authentication. Then under the Payables section, select ACH.


You can create an International ACH by clicking Add New Payment from the Payment List view widget and selecting International ACH Transaction.

On the next screen to appear, select International ACH Transaction as the payment type.

IAT Payment Templates can be created for recurring payments. If using a template, select the second radio button and select the template to use to create the IAT payment.


The following screenshots provide a quick reference for what information needs to be submitted for a successful International ACH payment. In addition to the details found in the screenshots on the following pages, any fields marked with a red asterisk (*), are required fields that must be completed.

In most instances, either the state or province field should be completed - not both, depending on the receiver’s country. The postal code field should also be completed when the receiver has an applicable ZIP or postal code, if no zip or postal code, enter an X in the field if marked as mandatory.

Originator ID: Unique 10-digit ID is assigned or International Payments, often one per Country. Look for a country code preceding the Originator ID to ensure you select the offset account for the country the beneficiary is in. For example, CAN for Canada.

Offset account is the account that is funding the outgoing ach payments.

Value Date: Default is next day, and payment will be released once approved. However, depending on the receiving country, it may take 1-3 days to arrive at the destination.

Enter all the required fields.

Note: Destination Country could be United States if the ABA/Bank Code the payment is going to is located in the United States, especially for payments to Canada. This is determined by the ABA used for the beneficiary. If branch located in United States, use United States. Branch located in Canada, use Canada for example.

Obtain all the information from the beneficiary to complete the required fields, do not abbreviate.

Remittance Information allows for 80 characters per remittance. Enter as much information as possible regarding the payment in the remittance fields, correspondent Information often is not needed.

When done, verify and hit submit, payment will then appear as entered in Payment List View.

Below is example for Italy/Europe using an IBAN as a reference only.

As you can see the IBAN is populated in the account number field.


**Important Note: some countries may require different account and routing number formats for electronic payments. If these are not entered correctly, your payment may be returned. This is the primary reason why KeyBank strongly recommends you send a nominal value test payment to the receiver before making your first official payment.

Europe follows IBAN format and Mexico follows a CLABE format. The CLABE account code has 18 digits which always contains the payee's bank account number. Canada and the United States follow ABA and Account format.

Finally, please be aware that even if you submit information in the remittance field, the receiving bank may not pull this information through.

Each country has their unique way of basing payments which is very different from the United States’ standard nine-digit bank routing number. There are lookups available when you are submitting IAT in KeyNavigator, but it is a good practice to be familiar with the Country Input Guide below.


For additional questions related to International ACH Payments, please contact the Commercial Banking Services line for support at 1-800-539-9039, option #2. For clients using a TDD/TTY device, please call 1-800-539-8336.