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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Custom Report can I create?

You can create custom Previous Day and Intraday reports.

What makes a Custom Report "custom"?

You can use the following filters so that you do not need to filter reports each day (or multiple times a day):

  • Balances Only
  • Balances and Transaction Details
  • Transactions Only
  • Various Date Ranges
  • Accounts
Can I assign a name to a Custom Reports that I create?

Yes. When saving a newly created Previous Day or Intraday Custom Report you are able to name the report(s) whatever you choose. The name of the report(s) will then be displayed in “My Saved Reports” for future use.

Can I download Custom Reports?

Yes. You can download Custom Reports into a variety of file formats; the same formats that “standard” Previous Day and Intraday reports can be downloaded to.

Can I share a Custom Report with another user at my company?

Not at the current time. Custom Reports created by an individual user cannot be shared with other users at the company. Each user creates their own Custom Reports for their User ID.

Can I set a Custom Report to “run” on its own at a designated time?

Not at the current time. Custom Reports must be run manually – just like a standard Previous Day or Intraday report.