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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Master Account interest bearing?

Yes, the Master Account can be interest bearing if the account is an interest bearing account. Any business or public transaction account may be designated as a Key Accounts Manager master. Key Accounts Manager does not cause any changes to the Master account properties.

What type of account is the sub-account? Is it interest bearing?

Sub-accounts are money market savings accounts other than Rental Security which uses statement savings accounts. Yes, the money market savings accounts are interest bearing.

How is interest paid?

Interest is accrued daily and credited to the sub-account on a monthly basis.

Does Key send 1099s?

Yes, Key sends 1099s via postal mail to sub-account holders if earned interest in the account is $10 or more per year.

Can a sub-account owner go into a Key branch and withdraw funds out of the sub-account?

No, a sub-account owner cannot go into a Key branch and withdraw funds out of the sub-account. Key Accounts Manager sub-accounts may only be accessed by the Key Accounts Manager account owner.

How much time is needed to open a new sub-account?

Once required documents are received by the Key Accounts Manager Support Team, new sub-accounts will be opened within 24 hours. If an opening deposit amount is specified on the setup form, Key will make that transfer for you.

What is viewable in Key Accounts Manager reports?

Please refer to the Key Accounts Manager User Guide for report examples and details.