You Are Powerful and Intuitive in Your Approach to All Things

Your feelings are your guide. Few can match the power of your intuition and your innate ability to consider the effects decisions have on those around you. Imaginative in your approach to life and money, you aren’t afraid to try something new but often change course without thinking about the long-term impact. Slow down, spend more time with the numbers and lend less weight to your feelings. Your financial decisions are sure to benefit.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Take a Few Steps in the Right Direction

  • Do the research – You’ve got great instincts when it comes to making important decisions. But, when it comes to finances, instincts are no substitute for solid research. The financial decisions you make sometimes have long-term consequences, so do your homework before making major spending, investment or debt decisions.
  • Take your time – Dedicate a few days (or even a week for bigger decisions) to your research. List the pros and cons of all your options – from a purely financial perspective. You can still go with your gut – but when you do, your gut will be a lot smarter.
  • Don’t second-guess yourself – Once you’ve made a decision, stick with it. You’ve likely made a smart choice. Avoid reacting to the latest news or letting the opinions of others cause you to rethink your approach.
  • Read this article – Learn simple ways you can make smarter gut decisions by incorporating a little research and planning upfront. Get started: “Build a Smarter Intuition System in Three Easy Steps.”

Progress begins with a Key Financial Wellness Review

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