You are the Gatherer

You Are Driven and Passionate, with a Constant Eye on What’s Coming Next

You see the future clearly. You’re analytical and leave no stone unturned. Always prepared, you hold on to money and valuables to help deal with unpredictability. Using history as your guide, you remember when resources were scarce, and make decisions accordingly. Don’t let your cautious view of spending stop you from seizing on the moment. Create a “risk” budget and use it to pursue higher-reward opportunities in money and life.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Take a Few Steps in the Right Direction

  • Seek balance – You’re cautious when it comes to money, and likely excellent when it comes to saving and avoiding debt. Those are admirable traits. But if you’re overcautious in your financial decisions, you may be missing out on making your financial future even more secure. Many financial advisors stress the importance of having a balanced investment portfolio, meaning a mix of investments with higher and lower risks, and higher and lower rewards. This approach can enable you to have more money available in the future while still safeguarding your investments.
  • Consider the opportunity costs – When it comes to making major purchases, don’t just look at the out-of-pocket costs. Look at the opportunity costs as well. For example, when thinking about buying a house, consider possible tax benefits associated with the amount you’re financing. Factoring in things like that can positively affect your overall financial position.
  • Don’t stress – As hard as it may seem, try not to stress out about money. Money is just a tool and a resource; it shouldn’t dominate your life and decisions. Money – and the fear of loss – shouldn’t control how you live. As long as you live within your means and balance financial risks and rewards, you’ll make smart financial decisions.
  • Read this article – Find out how creating a “risk” budget can supercharge your success and, in the process, teach you how to create a healthy risk/reward life balance. Read “The Rewards of Risk” now.

Progress begins with a Key Financial Wellness Review

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