You are the Acrobat

You Are Unmistakably Thorough, Your Life a Balancing Act of Logic and Research

Knowledge is your quest and preparation your best friend. Responsible and data-driven, you strive to understand all angles of a problem, but often find come decision time that uncertainty is a tune you know all too well. Don’t let your need for answers slow your chances for success. Overcome your anxious tendencies with action. Create a list of pros and cons, then seek the advice of trusted friends to help guide your decisions in times of need.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Take a Few Steps in the Right Direction

  • Accept that there is no perfect solution – You’re great at doing the research and weighing the pros and cons of each option. But there always seems to be more research to do, more information or advice to find and consider. Postponing that decision until you have all possible information often feels like the smart thing to do. In reality, there’s an infinite amount of information and advice available – much of it contradictory. You’ll never get through it all, and even if you could you still might not have a 100% guaranteed correct option to choose.
  • Set a deadline – Instead of continuing to do research in hopes of finding the “perfect” choice, set yourself a decision-making deadline for major financial decisions. Give yourself a set amount of time – a few days to a couple of weeks – to do your research and compare your options. Then, make a decision. Research has shown that people who stretch out their research and decision-making process are more likely to be dissatisfied with their decisions than people who do more focused and limited research. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true.
  • Don’t overthink – Just because you make a decision doesn’t mean you’re locked into that decision forever. If you later find things are not working as well for you as you hoped, you can move in a different direction – so don’t overthink it. Whether choosing a bank, an account or planning an investment strategy – choose what makes sense at this point, based on the information you have, and move on.
  • Read this article – Learn how seeking advice from friends and family can change the way you approach finances and life for the better. Read “When It Comes to Big Decisions, Ask a Friend” now.

Progress begins with a Key Financial Wellness Review

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