You are the Artist

You Are Optimistic and Charming, Chasing Moments as Big as Your Dreams

When you walk into a room, people notice. You’re not afraid to spend a little extra on something that makes a statement. It gives you a boost of confidence when you get compliments, and you wear it well. But it can get lonely at the top. Make sure you’re not spending money as a substitute for affection or self-worth. Seek out alternate ways to reward yourself.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Take a Few Steps in the Right Direction

  • Remember your true value – You are worth so much more than your net worth. Money is only a tool and a resource, not a measure of who you are.
  • Set gift and adventure budgets – You are a generous person, perhaps too generous. And that generosity often leads to overspending. Tackle this problem head-on by creating budgets before you head out for your next trip or gift-giving shopping spree. Also, whenever possible, spend cash or use your debit card rather than a credit card for these expenses. It will help you keep in mind that you’re spending real money rather than “virtual” money that will incur real debt.
  • Avoid emotional buying – Resist the temptation to buy things as a way to improve your mood or as a way to impress others. Instead, identify some low-cost/no-cost activities that give you pleasure (like reading, watching a favorite show, etc.).
  • Read this article – Learn how seeking rewards outside of material things can positively enrich your life in “The Amazing Power of Doing.”

Progress begins with a Key Financial Wellness Review

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