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Fashion, culture, style – you love them all. And when it comes to the latest and greatest, you’re always first in line. So, it comes as no surprise that you’re the talk of the town. But even with all the joys that status and material things can bring, objects will never compare to the happiness you’ll find when you use experiences as a pathway for building connections, rather than just a way to get noticed or to be successful.

If this feels like your life, then you’re likely to wonder: what makes the act of doing, rather than a focus on consuming, such a powerful tool for success? Here are just a few of the benefits.

You’ll Experience New Things

From new cultures to new challenges, when you turn your focus toward the actual act of experiencing, you’ll start to see that a lot of the attention and approvals you were seeking were standing in the way of the actual experience. As you move forward with a clearer path, you’ll find that it feels like you’re experiencing these everyday things for the first time.

You’ll Find Fulfillment in the Little Things

Without the pressure to achieve a clear end result or be seen in a certain light, you’ll soon start noticing that even the smallest things become something you look forward to. In fact, certain acts may even become new go-to rituals when you’re feeling stressed.

You’ll Create New Friendships

When you’re living for the moment, rather than looking to control or benefit from it, people you may have overlooked or conversations you may never have had now have an opportunity to come to light. Free from the constraints of always being on, you’re sure to open up as well – and it is in this space that new friendships are given a chance to bloom.

Live Your Best Life

Ultimately, we all work hard to make time for the things that we enjoy. And the drive to be successful and get ahead will always be a part of who we are. But when you take time to focus on harnessing the energy found in living in the moment – and with it the amazing power of doing (just to be doing) – it’s incredible to see how much bigger and better this journey we call life can be.

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