You Seek Logical Solutions First, Knowing Done Is Always Better than Said

Cooperative and highly efficient when it comes to negotiating, you start at the middle ground in hopes of skipping the time-consuming back and forth. OK with solutions that get you most of the way there, you tend to do well when time is short and decisions must be made. Beware the cognitive dissonance that comes with too much compromise and know that sometimes it’s OK to take more, even if that means putting in a little more time than you’d like.

SWOT Analysis





Become a Better Negotiator

  • Set your ranges upfront – Knowing you’ll move quickly toward the middle as negotiations get rolling, set ranges for what you do and do not find acceptable upfront. This strategy will help you not only achieve more favorable outcomes but make it easier to say no when needed – and avoid the regret that tends to follow when you’re not prepared and end up giving up more than you had hoped.
  • Read the articles below – Improve your situational awareness, strengthen your initial position, and learn how to level up your business negotiations.
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