Wholesale Lockbox Overview Tour

Get a quick overview of everything Wholesale Lockbox has to offer.

Receivables Reporting

Lockbox reporting and imaging in the Receivables section provide a snapshot summary of all lockbox activity for the current day. You can also start a search for a lockbox image or group of images.

Lockbox Reporting

The Report tab is a detailed view of lockbox activity for the current day or historically for up to 7 years. Filter buttons allow searching by date and / or individual lockboxes.

View Lockbox Images

Link to lockbox images directly from the detail report by selecting the 'camera' icons or the transaction sequence numbers. All images within a transaction can be viewed, manipulated, downloaded, or printed.

Search for Images

Conduct a search for images from either the Receivables main page or from the fully advanced Search tab from within a Lockbox Information page. Criteria available are based on the originally captured setup for your company's lockboxes and / or updates from your Settings tab.

Customize Display Settings

The Settings tab can be used to customize the display of your Report and Search tab criteria and results. Choose a lockbox for which to modify settings for then customize your display settings.

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