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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Key Capture a web-based application?

Yes, and being web-based, Key Capture requires less computer space than non-web-based alternatives. It is also a “smart client” application that provides automatic upgrades.

What are examples of checks that may not be read and prompt the user to review their deposit?

The following items will not be read and will prompt the user to review the deposit:

  • Dollar amount misreads
  • Duplicate items
  • Misfed\skewed items
  • Piggyback items
  • Non-MICR items
  • Foreign\ineligible items
Are users required to verify totals prior to scanning checks?

Yes. Users are required to remedy any scanner errors and make sure all deposits are in balance before they are sent to the bank.

Are standard deposit tickets used?

No, but a virtual deposit ticket will be created for each deposit.

How far back in time does duplicate detection go?

The Key Capture application performs duplicate item detection for any deposits made at that location during the previous 45 business days.

What is the deposit cutoff?

Files processed and deposits received prior to 11:00 p.m. ET will be given same day ledger credit.

How many checks can be scanned per Key Capture deposit?

Key recommends 300 checks or less per deposit.

Are there item level memo capabilities?

Yes, memos can be added to items at any time within the Deposit Review screen. This feature enables you to associate additional information with the deposited items.

What are the endorsement options?

You may select either the standard endorsement or use a custom endorsement of your choice. Endorsements may be either standard or virtual.

Is there a capability to have a secondary employee approve a deposit before it’s sent to Key?

Yes, with the Deposit Review capability, you can assign individuals to be

  1. Depositor only
  2. Review only
  3. Both

A threshold is set at either the item or aggregate deposit level and if this is met, the Deposit Review capability is engaged for further action.

Can items be tagged with unique identifiers that are not available on the original check?

Yes. With smart field capability, you can have up to five identifiers per check. You will initially enter the fields in the “Make a Deposit” section of Key Capture, and when another check is scanned with matching MICR, these fields will be prefilled. Smart fields may be edited at any time. Smart field information is retrieved in Key Capture reports titled Daily Payment Extract and Payment Search.

How long are check images stored in the Key Capture system?

Images are stored for 90 days. If there is a need to access images beyond 90 days, there is a long term image option available in KeyNavigator, under the Reporting and Research category.

What are the export capabilities for Key Capture reports?

All reports may be exported in XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, HTML, or XLS.

Is ACH conversion an option for checks processed through Key Capture?

Yes, checks may be converted to an ACH item then sent through the ACH network for clearing.

What happens to Key Capture items that are returned items?

Returned checks will come back as substitute checks. You may use Key Capture to re-deposit returned checks by depositing the returned substitute checks. Returned items can be re-scanned or re-deposited at a branch.

How are passwords reset for Key Capture users?

For Key Capture users without Single Sign On, passwords can be reset by signing into Key Capture and selecting the link provided on the Bulletin Board (on the homepage of Key Capture). If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by calling Key Capture Support at 866-886-0848.

For Key Capture users with Single Sign On, leverage KeyNavigator password reset options. After initial KeyNavigator registration, users can have their password reset by:

  • Clicking on the forgot password link on the KeyNavigator logon page
  • Contacting your company administrator via self-service within KeyNavigator
  • Contacting Commercial Banking Services at 800-539-9039 and selecting Option 1
What are the operating system requirements for Key Capture?

The following are required:

  • Windows 7® (SP1)
  • Windows 8® (initial release)
  • Windows 8.1® (initial release)
  • Windows 10® (initial release)

You will need the most recent Windows® updates as well

  • Internet Explorer® 11.0 and above
  • Edge® + KB3038314
  • Mozilla Firefox® 31.0 and above
  • Google Chrome™ 33.0 and above)

Also, Microsoft .NET version 4.5 is required and may be downloaded from Microsoft at:

Are administrator rights required for Key Capture?

Yes, administrator rights are required for the initial installation of the Key Capture software, and for further releases.

What is Key’s fulfillment vendor for check scanners?

Superior Press® is the preferred fulfillment vendor.