Mobile Banking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The KeyNavigator Mobile URL ( is a URL available to all web-enabled mobile devices via web browser. The KeyNavigator Mobile URL provides a convenient and secure way to approve payments, decision positive pay items and view account information.

The KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit App is available in both the iTunes® and Google Play® app stores. The app enables you to deposit checks into your business and commercial checking accounts via your mobile device (Please Note: Android tablet devices are not supported).

KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit has been developed with the business user in mind. Important features that set KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit apart from consumer mobile deposit solutions include:

  • Single or Limited Batch Deposit Capabilities
  • Deposit level memo field information capture
  • An approval process that allows for separation of duties and provides an additional layer of security
  • Access to reporting on Key Capture, our commercial desktop remote deposit solution

Yes. Currently, KeyNavigator Mobile only has deposit and deposit review capabilities, meaning that a compromised phone could only be used to make deposits (i.e. – money cannot be moved outside of the bank with the app).

Additionally, many of the security features available for the KeyNavigator Mobile optimized URL are also available on the KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit App:

  • A login and password is required to sign in to KeyNavigator Mobile. Your password is not stored on the mobile device. This means if you lose your phone, and you are not logged into an active session, your information within the KeyNavigator Mobile app will remain uncompromised.
    • If you are logged in when you lose your phone, there are several features built into KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit that can help mitigate potential exposure including:
      • Account numbers are masked so that only a partial account number is visible.
      • An active user will be logged off after four (4) hours of inactivity
      • An inactive user will be logged off after 20 minutes of inactivity
      • For additional assistance, contact 800-539-9039 and our support team can remove a user's mobile access once we are notified that a phone has been lost.

Contact your Payments Advisor.

You will use your KeyNavigator user ID and password.

There are several operating systems that support KeyNavigator Mobile:

  • For Android® phones - Android® OS 4.4 and higher
  • For iPhone® - IOS® 8.0 or higher including iPhone® and iPad®
  • Android tablets are not supported

To determine the operating system version your mobile device is currently using, refer to the following:

  • For Android – Settings > About phone > scroll to line that says Android Version
  • For iPhone – Settings > General > About > Version

No, you can enroll and use only KeyNavigator Mobile if you choose. Talk with your Payments Advisor for more information.

Checks that can be deposited into theKeyNavigator Mobile app include:

  • Checks payable in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. bank accounts
  • Personal, business, bank and government checks
  • Your deposit can also be either a single check or multiple checks

If you utilize virtual endorsement, you must also write “For KeyBank Mobile Deposit Only” on the back of the check.

Funds deposited via KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit are available based on the standard Key Capture float schedule. Contact your Payments Advisor for the Key Capture Availability Schedule.

No, there is no monthly deposit limit.

You can use the KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit application to make a deposit to any business/non-personal checking account. The following is a list of the most common types of accounts:

  • Key Public Checking
  • Key Public Money Market Savings
  • Key Public Saver
  • Key Public Money Market Savings
  • KeyBank Business Interest Checking
  • Key Business Platinum Money Market Savings
  • Key Business Silver Money Market Savings
  • Agent Analyzed Interest Checking
  • Key Agent Interest Checking
  • Key Public Interest Checking
  • Public Analyzed Interest Checking
  • Key Business Checking
  • Control Disbursement
  • Key Business Major Saver Money Market Savings
  • KeyBank Basic Business Checking
  • Key Business Signature Money Market Savings
  • Key Business Gold Money Market Savings
  • Key IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer’s Trust) Money Market Checking
  • Key Interest on Real Estate Trust Money Market Checking
  • Key U.S. Government Money Market Checking
  • Key Business Checking Due to Bank – Domestic Checking
  • Key Business Saver Key Business Reward Checking
  • Key Business Basics Checking