Returned Items FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Common return reasons include: Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), Uncollected, Account Closed, Stop Payment, Stale Date, Lost\Stolen Item, Signature Not On File, Post Dated, Refer to Maker and Altered/Fictitious.

Yes, you may select to have these items re-deposited (up to two times) for additional collection efforts, or have these charged back to the deposit account and undertake your own collection effort.

KeyNavigator is the recommended channel to view return activity via the Image Research Center in the Reporting and Research section. You have the option to view the Returned Item Report, which includes chargeback, NSF, and re-presentment information, as well as individual images. Other delivery channels available are: image file via a transmission, email, same day fax for any amount, or for a specified threshold (e.g. $2,500 or greater), same day courtesy phone call, or standard mailing of original documents (advice\returned items).

Returned items and advices for the current business day are available after 3:00 PM (ET).

You may choose one of the following channels to be informed of returns:

KeyNavigator, email, transmissions, fax, mail, or phone.

Yes, returned items may be individually managed by the bank of first deposit, or through centralized returns whereby a single institution is designated as the sole returns processing bank.

Re-presented Check Entry (RCK) is the standard entry calls to electronically send the items through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH converted checks through ARC, POP, TEL, WEB, and BOC may also be re-presented through ACH as a Re-presented Check (RCK). You can choose for ACH converted items to be re-presented up to 2 times (RCK1 is first re-presentment and RCK2 is second re-presentment). If RCK2 does not clear, a chargeback will occur.

A chargeback occurs when a returned check is known by the bank of deposit, and consequently debits the deposit account as recourse. Chargebacks are immediate if there are no re-deposits, or are executed if all re-presentment efforts have been exhausted without a successful collection of the returned item.