You are the Navigator

You Lead with Logic in All Endeavors

You are wise beyond your years and your choices show it. Your friends trust you to help them make big decisions and know you’ll weigh all the options in a logical manner, before finding the best possible solution. Be careful, though, as all that info can slow you down. Don’t let your risk-averse nature and cautious approach stop you from taking advantage of the good things in life, especially when opportunity knocks. Set a deadline and make a decision with confidence.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Take a Few Steps in the Right Direction

  • Set a deadline – Give yourself enough time to do your research but don’t get caught up in the search. Keep yourself on track by creating a well-defined end date.
  • Make a pros and cons list – After the research is done, create a list of the pros and cons for each of your options from a purely financial perspective. Once done, be ruthless in eliminating less preferable options.
  • Avoid tinkering – Develop a financial plan and stick to it for several months or even a few years. Don’t try to keep adjusting it as you learn more information. Instead, set up periodic (every six months, every year, or every two years) time frames to revisit and make adjustments based on new information or advice you’ve obtained.
  • Read this article – Find out how setting a deadline can give you the freedom to make smart choices, and more time to achieve other things in the process. Read “The Freedom of Setting Deadlines” now.

Progress begins with a Key Financial Wellness Review

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