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You’re decisive. It’s one of your strongest traits. You’re a research pro, uncovering countless options and logically weighing your choices. Your friends even come to you for advice. If this is you, read on and learn about the financial benefits of setting deadlines for someone who lives for gathering data.


  • Set Goals for Your Research: Before you begin to gather information, know what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re seeking the best 50-inch TV for under $700. Or perhaps it’s the most fuel-efficient used car under $10,000. Expectations like these will help you gather research with purpose, avoid time-consuming tangents, and help you find what you’re looking for without being overwhelmed by extraneous information.
  • Set Deadlines: When you begin to research a new task, adventure, or purchase, set a hard date by which you’ll make your final decision. A set amount of time to research and compare your options will help you make a speedier, value-based decision, while giving you plenty of time to enjoy pursuits beyond the research phase.
  • Be Kind to Yourself: Remember, it’s a perfectly reasonable and valid feeling if you’re afraid to make an incorrect decision. Remind yourself that your goal is to make the best decision with the information you have – and you can always change your mind later.


  • Think of Every “Risk” as Something Bad: If you cringe when you hear the word “risk,” it could be time to shift your thinking. Some risks are ultimately worth the reward and no amount of research can prevent life’s unexpected twists. Try thinking of risk as something to be managed instead of avoided completely.
  • Get Stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”: Too much data can be overwhelming, and it can make you feel as if it’s impossible to make a decision. This is where goal setting and deadlines really come into play, as they’ll help you reach a decision and avoid feeling stuck beneath a mound of options.
  • Lose Sight of Your Research Goal: Research is a midway point between a question and an answer. You don’t do research for the sake of it. You do it because you want the best quality of life for everyone affected by your decision. Don’t forget to make room in your life for enjoying things, even when you’re in a research phase.

As you look to research your next project, keep in mind that goals and deadlines are your friends. They’ll help you stay on track with the research you truly enjoy and reach a well-reasoned decision more swiftly, giving you plenty of time to enjoy life’s joys and wonders.

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