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Learn more about how Key Wealth Direction can help you manage your financial and life plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Key Wealth Direction?

It’s an online financial planning and wealth management tool where you can access all of your financial assets, including those held at other institutions, through your own customized, aggregated website. But Key Wealth Direction does more than simply list these accounts – it offers a comprehensive picture of your finances, your goals and your roadmap for success.

What are the benefits of using our wealth management tool?

Through Key Wealth Direction you’ll be able to track your progress toward meeting your goals, along with having access to the extensive financial expertise of Key Private Bank – all right at your fingertips.

Here are some additional benefits of using Key Wealth Direction:

  • Store all of your important documents and information in one place
  • Understand your cash flow better, both today and in the future
  • See your updated account balances
  • Review your asset allocation on all of your accounts
  • Gain visibility to your portfolio and easy access to your investments
  • Use interactive tools to track and budget your spending
  • Test how the changing financial markets impact your goals
  • Connect and collaborate with your Key Private Bank financial team
What financial tools are available through Key Wealth Direction?

There are two important interactive financial tools: the first helps you track your spending and the second allows you to review your asset allocation.

Through the budget tracker, you’ll see patterns with your spending. Using this tool, you can set up budgets to see how your estimates align with your actual spending to better manage your cash flow. Having an overall look at your outgoing funds can help you adjust your spending to match your overall financial goals.

Another interactive tool lets you see your asset allocation and how changes in the market may affect your portfolio. Use the tool to evaluate your financial decisions so you can feel confident you’re making informed choices.

How do I collaborate with Key Private Bank through Key Wealth Direction?

Through this online tool you can connect with your Key Private Bank financial team, including your Relationship Manager, your Financial Planner and others. By using the online system you’ll be able to receive answers to quick questions, ask for broader advice on your portfolio performance, or simply check in. Key Wealth Direction makes it easy to access your financial team online to supplement your in-person meetings.

How is my financial information kept secure?

Key Private Bank takes your financial security seriously. We keep your data and financial information safe using sophisticated tools and technology to protect it. We also constantly monitor our systems for any indication of attempted cyber attacks. These tools include advanced encryption formats for protecting your information – twice the standard of most financial services companies and stored in a segmented, secured database.

Who do I contact to find out more about Key Wealth Direction?

Ask your Key Private Bank financial professional for more details.

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