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Specialized Practice Groups

Your partners on the path to financial success.

How do you define success? At Key Private Bank, we know the answer to that question is as unique as your financial goals. No matter your career - business owner, attorney, physician - or where you are - just starting out or about to retire - we know you take your profession seriously. That's why we take managing your wealth seriously, too. Welcome to our specialized services.

Business Owners

Thinking about the best way to manage your business' wealth? Together, we'll develop an approach that reflects your values and priorities. Key Private Bank can help:

  • Plan an exit strategy for your business, whether that's near or down the road
  • Mitigate the risks of transitioning your company when you retire or move on
  • Define your legacy - for your business and your family


How will healthcare legislation and tax law changes impact your wealth? Key Private Bank understands the increasingly complicated and unique challenges facing physicians and physician practices. Together, we can strategize how to:

  • Establish a comprehensive financial plan for the duration of your career
  • Protect your assets from potential legal threats
  • Navigate the often confusing world of healthcare regulations and tax laws

Professional Services

Interested in making the most of your career? Key Private Bank can help you build your wealth. Take advantage of services specialized for you. Together, we can:

  • Develop a personalized wealth management plan that takes into account your career goals
  • Recommend sophisticated investment and tax strategies based on the current climate
  • Preserve your legacy - whether you're in a group, practice, or on your own

Corporate Executives

Where do you want your wealth to take you? Wherever that is, Key Private Bank will help you get there. We can address how to:

  • Maintain the wealth you've earned so far - while strategizing how to sustain it
  • Maximize value from deferred and equity-based compensation along with mitigating risks from concentrated stock positions
  • Secure your financial future, along with your family's


Considering retirement? Reap the rewards of a job well done when you partner with Key Private Bank. Together, we'll:

  • Balance income and spending to ensure your long-term objectives are met
  • Explore the estate planning and charitable giving options available to you
  • Traverse the ever-changing world of healthcare costs
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