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Wealth isn’t just about accumulating assets. It’s about enjoying the opportunities and experiences that come with it. Wealth can give you the freedom to do the things you’re passionate about. Support causes that matter to you. Experience new cultures or places. Develop your talents or those of others. Making wise choices about spending and borrowing can help you achieve your financial goals, and your life goals, too.

Get More from Your Money

Managing your cash flow wisely involves understanding the bigger financial picture of the goals you’re trying to reach, whether they include planning for retirement or a globe-trotting adventure.

These questions can help you identify and prioritize your spending:

  • Does the way you manage your money reflect your priorities?
  • How much wealth do you want to retire or to meet your personal financial goals?
  • How much wealth do you want to provide to heirs or to charity?
  • How involved do you want to be with your day-to-day banking?

With the big questions answered, think about how your everyday banking and daily spending support your priorities. Take advantage of perks you can get even from simple things, like a checking account. A private bank client can have full service banking with a customized checking account and benefits from no monthly maintenance fees to preferred rates. So no matter what you’re spending on, you’re confident you’re staying on track.

The Power of Borrowing

Knowing your priorities, you can more easily spend and borrow strategically to reach your goals. Plus, your wealth gives you access to custom and preferred credit and borrowing options that give you exclusive savings and flexibility. These include:

  • Personal lines of credit so you can quickly access funds you for short-term cash flow or purchases.
  • Personal loans with competitive rates, which make it possible for you to finance larger purchases.
  • The ability to leverage investment assets as collateral to avoid tax and long-term consequences of liquidating stocks or bonds.
  • Jumbo mortgages to secure real estate purchases.
  • Exclusive credit cards with special benefits and rewards for high-wealth clients.

What’s Your Vision?

Work with a team of wealth management professionals to define your needs and build your plan.

Your Plan

Full Service Banking

Personalized banking services that grow with you.

Preferred banking services can play a major part in the success of your financial plan.

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