Building Your Portfolio

Our investment management team follows a consistent, disciplined process to help you determine your priorities, design a unique investment strategy and reach your goals. We take a personalized, consultative approach to assist in building your portfolio.

Our Consultative Process

Understand Goals and Develop Solutions

  • Listen intently – Before we can provide an answer, we need to know the question. We listen closely to thoroughly understand your current situation, and to understand your needs as well as your wants.
  • Build roadmap – We carefully guide you in developing a thoughtful investment management plan, providing you with an Investment Policy Statement to ensure we accurately understand your situation.
  • Propose solution – Your portfolio manager combines an understanding of your objectives with the recommendations of our strategy and research processes to construct a solution tailored to your situation.

Manage Portfolio

  • Thoughtfully implement – We recognize that change is not always easy. Your portfolio manager and dedicated client service team will ensure a smooth transition, enabling you to focus on what matters most.
  • Effectively communicate – We are committed to keeping you informed and make available a variety of publications, keeping you apprised of the views of our strategy and research teams.

Review and Evaluate

  • Candidly assess – We constantly review your progress against your established goals, providing you with regular Investment Reviews and enabling you to accurately assess how we are performing.
  • Strategically rebalance – As your investment management goals or our assessment of how to achieve them change, we will evaluate the steps necessary to modify your portfolio accordingly.