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What is a Family Office?

A family office manages the overall financial, business and philanthropic activities of one or more generations of a particular family. Family office responsibilities typically vary based on the family’s needs, but entail several key functions of family wealth management, including accounting functions, tax planning and compliance, investment management and reporting, fiduciary management, family governance, philanthropy support, property and aircraft management, business consulting and succession planning services, as well as other banking and fiscal duties.

Why Work with Key Family Wealth

Grandfather and grandchild drawing together

Personalized Approach

We work for you, making recommendations based on your goals. Your plan will start with your vision, and we’ll work to help to reach it.


A family’s priorities change over time, so we’re nimble. When your life pivots, we adjust your plans accordingly.


With an average tenure of 22 years, our financial advisers have deep industry knowledge that shows in our results.

Broad Wealth Management Capabilities for Families and Businesses

Your Key Family Wealth team has expertise in commercial and family office wealth management to bridge the gap between personal and commercial needs.

  • Family office services
  • Investment services
  • Trust & estate administration
  • Working capital optimization
  • Capital solutions
  • Acquisition ideas
  • Customized leasing
  • Real estate solutions
  • Traditional banking & credit products

What are the Benefits of Having a Family Office?

You can use Key Family Wealth as your family office or as a supplement to your existing family office. With a family office, you gain flexible, comprehensive services including:


Use us to develop strategies to help your family maximize the after-tax value of your business and personal wealth across generations. We work closely with your attorney, accountant and other advisors to implement appropriate strategies and coordinate your family’s entire financial picture, including:

  • Family business advisory services
  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Strategic tax advisory services
  • Philanthropic and charitable giving

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Generational wealth is more than financial assets passed down. In fact, to avoid becoming one of the 90% of families whose inherited wealth is exhausted by the third generation, you have to pass down something more. Multiple studies tell us that it is more important to pass on the family's values, stories, life lessons and traditions. Through Guided Discovery we help you record the history, wisdom and values that make up the vision you have for yourself and your family. And, we work with your family to define its purpose, enhance communication, identify areas of common vision and set priorities for the future. Together, your family will create an action plan, including philanthropic and educational elements, which will help your family achieve its mission and sustain its wealth for many generations.

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Understanding starts with education, and all generations play a role in the successful management and continuation of a family’s wealth. No matter what their age, heirs need preparation in order to effectively contribute to the family mission. An important element of preparing your children for their future is a solid understanding of basic financial concepts.

Key Family Wealth provides the tools and services to educate your family members and future generations on the fundamentals of banking, investments and trusts. Interactive personal finance courses are offered at appropriate levels for all ages in the family, from grade school and high school through college and adulthood.

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Family foundations are important in building a stronger family with a unified vision. Through a private foundation, families can give back and help the people, institutions and communities they care about. Family foundations often serve as the glue that holds together geographically dispersed family members and creates a forum where different generations can work together toward common goals. Key Family Wealth has aligned with an industry leader of foundation services to provide a fully integrated, turnkey solution to private foundations.

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Simplify by using Key Family Wealth as your family’s chief financial officer. We provide office services such as general bookkeeping, bill payments, cash management, fixed-asset management and basis management. We also offer full payroll services as well as individual business or fiduciary tax services and tax projections.

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Enjoy instant access to our vetted network of concierge lifestyle service providers. Over decades serving the unique needs of large and complex families, we’ve built our network to include experts in personal security, concierge healthcare, full-service aviation consulting and household staffing services.

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Nearly 200 years

Serving families with relationships spanning 6 generations

80 advisors

Highly credentialed (JD, CPA, CFAtm, CFP®, CTFA®, CWS®), across 23 markets, averaging over 22 year's experience

$16.8 billion

Total assets managed for KeyBank families*

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