Business Advisory Services

Our business is business transitions, and we know it better than anybody.

Be Prepared for What You’re Planning

When you’re thinking about selling your business, we help you weigh your options effectively. If you determine that selling is a long-term goal, we help you position your business for maximum returns. Wondering about the tax implications of a sale or need to understand how your business impacts your estate? We explore your opportunities and build custom business plans to help you reach your goals.

Business Transition Series

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Unlocking Opportunity Workshops

Transition your business with confidence.

Our expert speakers walk you through strategies, plans and steps business leaders use to build proactive transition strategies for their businesses.

Business Advisory Services Include:

Business Optimization

  • Identify untapped potential and enhance value. Align your business and personal affairs with your goals, and develop a long-term business plan to unlock revenues and efficiencies inherent in your business.
  • Find creative funding mechanisms. Follow a creative corporate finance strategy for growth for single family office and private equity recapitalizations, S and C corporation ESOPs or private debt offerings.

Business Transition Services

  • Analyze exit options. Know the pros and cons of every exit channel. Our thorough strategic option analysis can help minimize transition risk, negotiate higher sale prices and make the deal making process run more smoothly.
  • Explore transition and transaction plans. Receive the guidance you need to help identify, select and coordinate with the buyer that is right for you. Plus take advantage of tactical advice as needed, or work with an advisor to take your business transition plan from valuation to a signed purchase agreement.
  • Plan pre-transaction strategies. Before a business sale or transition, personal and business tax and legal strategies can include everything from understanding exposure and creating opportunities in the nuances of the deal to building sophisticated comprehensive income and estate tax plans.

Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

  • Plan for goals. We’ll design and implement plans to help you and your family accomplish your combined wealth goals.
  • Prepare your legacy. Successful legacy planning involves much more than preparing a wealth transfer. It requires that a family define and commit to a shared vision and mission that contributes to longevity and unity.
  • Analyze post sale opportunities. Post-sale planning analysis including accelerating deductions, establishing a qualified plan, charitable deductions, prepayment of state income taxes and tax harvesting.


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