Giving Back

One of the most meaningful aspects of accumulating wealth is the ability to give back in significant, influential ways. And while you know your wealth can make a lasting difference for organizations and causes you feel passionate about, philanthropy is about more than simply giving money. It involves pairing your personal values with what matters to you most to have a positive impact.

You’re fortunate to have achieved success in your lifetime. How can you use your wealth to benefit others? By examining your own values and considering the ways you’d like to effect change, you can start to develop your approach to philanthropy.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to help out your alma mater, the school that equipped you for a lifetime of accomplishments. Maybe there’s a charity close to your heart, or a religious organization that you’re particularly dedicated to. Giving back to entities that matter to you is a rewarding way to develop your philanthropic legacy – and it can be an important part of your overall wealth management strategy too.

Before choosing where to begin your philanthropic involvement, ask yourself what your motivations are. By figuring out why you want to give back, you can figure out how to do so. What is the legacy you’d like to leave?

Why Do You Want to Give Back?

Give to Causes That Matter to You

Allow your passions to guide your planned giving by providing support to organizations you truly care about.

Make Your Money Go Further

Affect a greater number of people through your generosity, enabling you to have a more substantial influence.

Model a Legacy of Giving for Your Family

Demonstrate the power of philanthropy, and provide a charitable roadmap for future generations.

Charitable Giving

Checklist: Reach charitable goals using donor-advised funds.

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Planning for Retirement

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