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Our leading experts bring you their weekly research and insights on topics that matter most to you. From navigating turbulent global financial markets to interest rates, inflation and wealth management, KeyBank Investment Center insights delve into today’s trends and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Key Questions: Stocks Have Entered a Bear Market. What Do Investors Need to Know?

History tells us a bear market generally precedes a recession, but the bottom in the market also typically precedes the bottom in the economy.

Key Questions: Will Actions by Global Central Banks Lead to a Recession?

Central banks face a dilemma: Allow inflation to remain persistent or raise interest rates to combat it at the potential cost of a serious global economic slowdown

Key Questions: Persistent Inflation Provokes a Bear Market. What’s Next?

Investors may be facing a “financial hurricane” but the best strategy may be to remain calm as the storm comes to shore.

Books for Your 2022 Summer Reading List

Summer is upon us once again, and there’s no better place to catch up on your reading than the beach or wherever you choose to get away (even if it’s the hammock in your backyard). But while a good thriller or romantic novel is always a solid choice, so is a well-written book that helps develop our skills or enhance our knowledge of the world.

Key Questions: How Can You Protect Yourself From Cybersecurity Threats?

The ongoing war in Eastern Europe has also raised a new set of questions regarding the influence of state-actors in cyberattacks, and whether we should be thinking about risk and our personal data security differently.

Key Questions: Have FAANG Stocks Been Permanently Defanged?

Over the past several years, the foundation of many stock market indices and equity-centric portfolios has centered around a handful of major technology stocks which are frequently referred to as the FAANG stocks. These stocks are heavily followed by both investors and the media as their importance to the overall economy has grown immensely.

Key Questions: What Do Fed Rate Hikes Mean for You?

With interest rates on the rise, borrowing costs are poised to increase across the board, but with strategic financial management, there are a few silver linings.

Key Questions: Why Are Financial Assets Falling?

As hard as it is to believe, one-third of 2022 has already passed. Our kids are nearly done with school, the days are longer, and spring is upon us. Despite these cheerful indicators, the financial markets have been under pressure for much of the year. 

Key Questions: What Do Investors Need to Know When Historical Patterns Change?

A first principle of investing that has held sway for a generation may be rendered obsolete. If so, additional investment tools may be needed.

Key Questions: Should Bond Investors Be Buying Into a Bond Bear Market?

When interest rates go up, bond prices go down. This simple investment principle has been the story for fixedincome markets in 2022. Interest rates have risen at staggering pace on the backs of higher inflation expectations, solid economic growth and a turn to a hawkish monetary policy stance from the Federal Reserve (Fed).

Key Questions: Is the US Immune From Geopolitical Events?

Not entirely, but the US enjoys several distinct advantages that leads us to recommend a slight homecountry bias toward investing.

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