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Our leading experts bring you their weekly research and insights on topics that matter most to you. From navigating turbulent global financial markets to interest rates, inflation and wealth management, KeyBank Investment Center insights delve into today’s trends and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Key Questions: The Pound Is Getting Pounded. What Does It Mean for Your Portfolio?

The US is not insulated from international events; higher borrowing costs in the UK could lead to slower growth here.

Key Questions: Does the Fed Want to Cause a Recession?

No. But persistent inflation may have left the Fed with little choice but to induce one.

Key Questions: Can Treasury Inflation Protection Securities Help Guard Against Inflation?

Some tips about TIPS, which have the backing of the US government and are sensitive to the Consumer Price Index.

Key Questions: Has the Stock Market Bottomed?

The answer is seldom clear in real time, but it may be wise to fret less about what could go wrong, and instead ask: “What could go right?”

Key Questions: Is the Recent Stock Market Rally a Breakout or a Fake-out?

In our view, a “pivot to a pause” may be in the offing, but a “pivot to a cut” is not.

Key Questions: Earnings Growth Is Slowing; What Should Investors Do?

Rising wages, escalating costs, an inflated dollar and weakened demand all ate away at profit margins but there are a few encouraging signs, too, so smart investors should remain sensible but nimble.

Key Questions: How Should Investors Position Their Portfolios as the Fed Faces an Inflation Dilemma?

Inflation has remained persistent, lasting longer than some have predicted. The environment has created unwelcome challenges for both individuals and the Federal Reserve (Fed). Investors should revisit their portfolios to consider the uncertainty regarding the Fed’s potential actions.

Key Questions: Is There an Opportunity in Small Caps?

Small-capitalization (small-cap) stocks have underperformed their large-cap peers since 2019. They are now trading at the widest valuation discount relative to large caps over the past 15 years. Both when compared to their own history and to their large-cap peers, small-cap stocks are cheap. Is there an opportunity for a tactical allocation?

Key Questions: Will the Dominance of the US Dollar Ever Be Challenged?

We have learned that forecasting currency markets is tricky, but we still think it is wise not to bet against the US dollar in the long run.

Key Questions: The Yield Curve Inversion... or Diversion?

The US Treasury yield curve has inverted for the second time this year, as the Federal Reserve (Fed) continues to communicate an aggressive interest rate-hiking plan to bring inflation down. We believe that there are six key questions to consider when analyzing an inverted yield curve and determining how it should be used by investors.

Key Questions: Are We in a Recession?

Such a question is an academic debate with staunch supporters of both positions. Economic growth is cooling, and financial conditions are tightening. Markets, therefore, will continue to be volatile requiring investors to be patient and selective when putting capital to work.

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