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Our leading experts bring you their weekly research and insights on topics that matter most to you. From navigating turbulent global financial markets to interest rates, inflation and wealth management, KeyBank Investment Center insights delve into today’s trends and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Debt Ceiling Drama: Looming Disaster or Déjà Vu?

We believe the odds of a default are low, although the odds of brinksmanship pushing the debate well into the eleventh hour are very high. Investors, therefore, should anticipate volatility in the months ahead.

2023 Outlook: Was a Pound of Medicine Worth an Ounce of Cure?

As humans, we are wired to extrapolate the future based on the recent past. History has shown, however, that being overly reliant on the past can lead to sub-optimal results, or worse. 

Key Questions: What Does 2023 Hold for US Equities?

We expect the emphasis to be on earnings this year and have outlined three potential paths that the market could follow; that does not mean any of them will be correct.

Key Questions: What Does 2023 Hold for Bonds?

If the economy slows and inflation peaks, the opportunity to earn yields in fixed income could be significant.

Key Questions: Why Would My Portfolio Benefit From Taking a Spin Class?

Smart investors can benefit when a company divests itself of assets that may no longer make sense for it to own; but be careful.

Key Questions: Who Is Sam Bankman-Fried and Why Should Investors Care?

Thus far, the collapse of crypto giant FTX appears to have had a minimal impact on the broader economy. But because this scandal is still evolving investors should remain attentive.

Key Questions: "Isn’t Private Equity Illiquid?"

It is. But to some investors private equity illiquidity is an asset, not a liability.

Key Questions: Is There Turmoil Lurking Beneath the Surface of US Treasuries?

A combination of conditions has led to liquidity concerns in the Treasury market; the situation needs to be closely monitored, but we still believe these US securities are an important part of a diversified portfolio.

Key Questions: Is the Recession Over? And Why Does It Feel Like Christmas Came Before Halloween This Year?

It would be wrong to conclude the recession is over because it hasn’t actually begun. But mercurial consumers are causing uncertainty, which almost certainly could cause many market pundits to be wrong.

Key Questions: Has Gold Lost Its Luster?

The precious metal has usually been a safe haven during inflationary times; its price is languishing now but it still has a place in your portfolio.

Key Questions: Where to Invest Now?

In the current environment, it may be wise to adopt the mindset of a closer in baseball: do not worry about what you cannot control, and focus on the future.

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