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Investment Strategy

Building your financial future.

Discover the trends and ideas that are moving investment strategy today, and how they can impact your plans.

Getting Your Financial House In Order

Following are some of the major categories and tasks our advisors and I are recommending for clients to get their financial houses in order.

Understanding (and Managing) Your Sequence of Returns Risk

With a well-planned investment strategy, you can navigate today’s market downturn with confidence and get the most out of your golden years. 

Cryptocurrency Basics: Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Betting on the Future

Like many investors, you may be interested in exploring opportunities in cryptocurrency markets such as Bitcoin. However, cryptocurrencies are a relatively new investment alternative, and the concepts behind digital assets can be confusing.

Key Wealth Matters Podcast — Private Investments: What are they and how do they Impact your Plan?

The headlines have been undeniable. "Market reaches new record highs, despite pandemic," and other similarly sensationalized headlines have underscored the massive investment seen in a variety of markets – but this trend has been especially true for private equity and investment.

Demographic Transition: The Economic and Investing Implications of an Aging Planet

In determining economic growth, few factors are more influential than demographics. And one demographic trend in particular — the aging of our global population — is already presenting us with unprecedented challenges.

Demystifying Hedge Funds

While hedge funds have been around since the 1940s, there is still an air of mystery about them for many investors — and a lot of questions. What do they do? Who may invest in hedge funds? How well do they perform? How do they fit in a portfolio?

ESG Investing: A Growing Approach to Values-Based Investing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainable investing is becoming mainstream. Here’s what you need to know about the trend, the goals and the upside potential.

Why Investors Make Bad Calls and How to Avoid it

Behavioral science shows us why we often make the wrong choices at the wrong times. While there’s no guarantee you won’t slip up, there are steps we can take to become better investors and focus decision-making on objective factors.

Craft a Portfolio Aligned with Your Financial Goals

Constructing an investment portfolio that is thoroughly closely integrated with your financial goals is essential.

Selling and Hedging Strategies for Concentrated Stock Positions

A concentrated stock position is defined as any single holding that makes up 30% or more of an individual’s overall investments.

Investment Philosophy Video

An investment philosophy is a set of beliefs that guides Key Private Bank’s approach to investing on behalf of our clients. Learn more from our Chief Investment Officer, George Mateyo.

Our Investment Philosophy: Its Purpose and Design

An investment philosophy is a set of beliefs that guides and explains Key Private Bank’s approach to investing on behalf of our clients.