Financial Planning

Wealth planning goes beyond growing your net worth and investments. It's about plotting out a financial course that accounts for unexpected bumps along the way - and discovering untapped opportunities just waiting to be realized. At Key Private Bank, we work with you to develop a comprehensive financial planning road map that will give you the confidence of knowing you have a plan that accounts for both, including:


  • A financial team to help you with every area of your wealth management plan
  • Key Wealth Direction, our online wealth management tool that lets you access all your information in real time, anytime.

No matter which services you use for your unique needs, you’ll get our unparalleled experience that our clients have come to expect from Key Private Bank.

Character: By serving as a fiduciary, we provide objectivity. We are legally, ethically and morally bound to place the best interests of our clients ahead of ours in every decision we make.

Collaboration: We believe that building and protecting wealth is best achieved through a collaborative framework — one that fully integrates investment and wealth management with all facets of a client’s strategy. We’ll help you organize. And we’ll organize and coordinate your advice to provide a seamless pathway to your goals.

Consistency: We believe in adhering to a set of important, carefully crafted and time-tested practices to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Coordination: We help by organizing all your wealth management needs, creating a funnel of information and ideas that lead directly toward successfully achieving your long-term financial goals.

Conviction: We provide insights from our experience and deliver advice proactively. We offer choices and education to enhance decision-making through fact-based research and analysis that mitigate the role emotions can play when making decisions.

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See Your Real Financial Picture, Virtually

Reaching your goals through a personalized, digital roadmap

Key Wealth Direction is a revolutionary financial planning platform that offers qualified clients a secure, online portal featuring a comprehensive, aggregated view of your financial assets. Along with accessing your wealth plan through a personalized website, you’ll have your Key Private Bank team at your fingertips to provide advice and guidance.

The personalized platform features:

  • A consolidated view of all your accounts, including those held at other institutions
  • Interactive charts and detailed views of your investments
  • Tools to track spending
  • A secure online vault where you can safely store important documents

Our Approach

Manage your financial plan, digitally.

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Our Insights

Get expert commentary and insights.

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Wealth Management

The team spirit: What makes a good intergenerational wealth management advisory team?

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Investment products are: